Vertical Green Wall Screening

When it comes to your working environment, you need to have somewhere to get away from it all. And when you do, you don’t want to have to stare at a blank wall that does nothing to inspire you. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless walls and say hello beautiful swathes of ultra-realistic artificial foliage to give you the relaxing backdrop to your breaktime.

This office in the West End was lucky enough to have an external breakout area for their staff, something that is unfortunately all too uncommon in a lively metropolis like London. The area, however, was enclosed on three sides by stark, grey walls that were unexciting, bland and rather unpleasant. As such, the company sought a low-maintenance solution to help bring a bit of colour to the mix. Vistafolia, with our breath taking, refreshing range of ultra-realistic panels, was perfect for adding natural-looking planting, designed to be as close to the real thing as possible, to virtually any space.


The install was completed in less than a day, meaning an absolute minimum of interference to the running of the office. The green wall system is very easy to use is built for easy fixing onto practically any substrate. To complete the installation, the office manager was keen to incorporate an array of large coloured grasses, adding both interesting textures and a brash contrast of colour against the multi-tone green background of the panels.

The customer wanted something that was built to last as the courtyard was exposed to a lot of natural sunlight. Vistafolia’s 5-year UK warranty is a testament to the tough testing that we put our products through. Our internationally recognised UV testing is the equivalent to 5-years at equatorial conditions, far stronger than the climatic conditions of London. It also had to be a low maintenance system, allowing the employees to get on with the important things in their day. Aside from giving the wall a hosing every now and again to keep the panels free of the build-up of dirt, nothing is required to keep the system looking its best.

Vistafolia creates instant design features for those looking to maximize their space. So, whether you’re looking to add a little greenery, or screen a large space that is crying out for something beautiful, our aesthetically pleasing panels are the perfect solution.