Acoustic Qualities of using Vistafolia panels in offices

The quality of life that employees have in their working environment has increasingly become a focus for businesses in recent years, and will no doubt be in the spotlight as employees start to return to work in the coming weeks and months. While most workplaces now adhere to standards of health and safety, beyond this few have looked at the benefits of improving environments with a focus on increasing productivity and performance.

Real or artificial, which is best for your office?

The office environment that you create can have a big impact on the people who work within it. Especially in times of stress, being surrounded by a soothing aesthetic can make a real difference to the way employees feel when they’re at work. The way we feel can have a knock on effect on everything, from collaboration to productivity and how engaged staff are with the business in which they work. One of the simplest ways to upgrade your interiors is with a natural aesthetic and a bit of greenery – but when it comes to plants for your office, which is best, real or artificial?

A Vistafolia® Guide to Fire Classifications

14th June 2017. The Grenfell Tower block in North Kensington, London goes up in flames and 72 people are tragically killed. What followed was a shocking realisation that hundreds of buildings up and down the country were covered with materials that posed a huge fire risk. In the time that has passed, the building industry has become acutely aware of the potential hazards of products not fit for purpose and undertake a considerable amount of due diligence to ensure that anything used on a building, indoor or outdoor, is both safe and suitable.


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