Vistafolia® Artificial Green Wall Panels

  • Ultra-realistic foliage
  • 5 years’ warranty
  • 100% pure colour pigments
  • Customisable
  • Suitable for all weathers
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance
  • ISO quality standards
  • REACH & ROHS tested
  • UV & IFR Technology

Discover the most realistic artificial green wall panels available on the market. Vistafolia® plant wall panels help you to create a stunning vertical garden in your home or commercial premises – without the ongoing maintenance. Fully customisable in colour, texture and shape, you can truly personalise your wall to your individual preferences. Achieve lush, vibrant green walls and screens that stand the test of time – no water required.

  • Standard Size Panel Measurements:
    Height: 800mm
    Width: 800mm
    Depth: up to 200mm
  • Coverage: 1 Panel = 0.64 sqm
  • Weight: Approx. 7kg per panel
  • Distribution: 72 plants per panel
  • Colour Reference: Mixed Colours
  • Manufacturing Process: Injection moulded polyethylene / Foliage fixed to the grid manually
  • Packing: Box of three panels (1xA, 1xB, 1xC panel)
  • Warranty: 5 years in the UK
  • Authenticity: Plants are stamped with a VG authenticity mark

UV Test: BS EN ISO 4892-2: 2013 – ‘Plastics – Methods of Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources – Xenon-arc lamps.

Reaction to fire classification: B-s1, d0. BS EN ISO 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 Fire classification of construction products and building elements. Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests. Test to flammability UL94HB classified HB

Freeze/Thaw test: MIL-STD-810G Method 524.

72 Plants Per Panel, with 16 Varieties

Ultra-realistic Artificial

Customise with Vistafolia® Colour Boxes

Simple-to-use Vistafolia® Fixing System

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How We Make Our Green Wall Panels Ultra-Realistic

The Vistafolia system is driven by innovation leadership, where we apply our decades of horticultural expertise to recreate the beauty of nature. Vistafolia products are engineered in exciting ways that allows our customers to refresh and reimagine their environments. Our Research and Design Centre reflects our passion for developing the most beautiful artificial green walls.

3-Panel Solution

The combination of our A, B and C panels ensures randomised foliage placement with no repetition.

16 Plant Varieties

The compact planting of different plant varieties mirrors similar horticultural planting methods.

72 Plants Per Panel

To ensure our panels are exploding with lush greenery, each panel is filled to the brim with artificial foliage.

Varying Planting Heights

The foliage we add to our panels varies in height to provide a rich tapestry of texture.

Seamless Connection

You will never see visible join lines or squares. Our green panels seamlessly connect at corners and edges thanks to a 2” overhang of greenery.

Varying Colours & Tones

Our panels incorporate an array of different colours and tones to depict new plant growth.

UV & IFR Technology

Vistafolia® green panels are made up of UV stabilised and fire rated artificial foliage for added peace of mind.

Mark of Quality

Each of our plants are stamped with a VG authenticity mark, to help you avoid inferior imitations of our quality product.

Our 3-Panel Solution Explained

Vistafolia®’s 3-panel solution ensures a truly natural looking green wall. Unlike many other artificial green walls that use identical panels, Vistafolia®’s artificial foliage has been specifically arranged differently for each individual panel, ensuring there are no crossing lines or repeated patterns. This means you get an ultra-realistic, seamless effect.

What Our Customers Have to Say

★★★★★ reviews on Google

Testimonial Garden Designer Celine DaSilva
Testimonial Garden Designer Kate Gould

Testimonial Warren & Karen Homeowners

My Vistafolia green wall looks fantastic. I have to remind myself it’s not real! It has transformed a boring brick wall which I look out onto while I’m washing up into something lovely. Very good customer service too – well-informed and helpful.

Liz Gill

The team was fantastic. They arrived on time. It was raining, but they worked through the rain and did a fabulous job. Had some trouble with my neighbour and they went above and beyond to sort that out and make her side look pretty too. Would recommend them any day.

Puja Patnaik

I am so thrilled that I picked Vistafolia. Our roof terrace looks amazing with the combination of the foliage panels and cedar panelling. The whole process could not have been simpler and the team worked hard and paid such attention to detail during the installation. I would thoroughly recommend them.


Amazing product and delighted with our new green wall. Certainly has bought a new dimension to the dining area of our terrace.Can recommend without hesitation and service we received from Tim Spargo was exceptional. Also impressed with both delivery and packaging of the product beautifully wrapped in tissue and boxed. We looked at the competition and came to conclusion that Vistafolia was best by far!

Andrew Shepherd

We found Vistafolia’s Lush Green green wall product to be of the highest quality. It was naturalistic and easy to install. Customer service was excellent and the end result is very impacting. It was key that the product had a good fire rating and clear supporting documentation. We would use Vistafolia and their products again.

Kim Halliday

Customise Your Green Wall with Colour Texture & Shape

Vistafolia® green wall panels can be trimmed and shaped to suit all requirements. No matter how awkward the space you need to fill, curved or narrow, they can fit.


Add a splash of colour to your wall with Vistafolia® Colour Boxes. Whether you want a spattering of delicate blossoms or vibrant pops of blue lavender, you can easily get the look you want.


Vistafolia® Texture Boxes add even more depth to your green wall panels. From flowing wild grasses and ferns to trailing ivy and buxus, install as much green volume and dimension as you please.


Vistafolia® green wall panels can be trimmed and shaped to suit all requirements. No matter the shape of green wall you want, curved or narrow, we can make it happen.

Meet our colour boxes

Add a splash of colour to your wall with Vistafolia® Colour Boxes. Whether you want fresh, delicate blossoms or vibrant, fiery red flora, you can easily get the look you desire.

Meet our texture boxes

Vistafolia® Texture Boxes add depth to your green wall panels. From wild grasses and earthy ferns to trailing ivy and buxus, install as much volume and dimension as you please.

Transforming Spaces with Artificial Green Walls

There are many reasons to choose Vistafolia® artificial green wall panels. Made from the highest quality materials, our vibrant panels stand the test of time.

  • Revive ugly walls with a touch of sophistication
  • Turn small urban spaces into a green oasis
  • Can be installed where real living walls can’t
  • Low maintenance greenery, engineered to last

Effortless Installation

Installing Vistafolia® panels couldn’t be easier. Discover the process for yourself.

Measure & Drill

First, measure and mark the holes in the wall, and once complete – drill the holes and insert the grey rawlplug into the holes.

Fix & Attach

Now you can begin attaching and securing the panels to the fixings, remembering to mix A, B and C panels for a natural finish.

Secure & Ruffle

Once attached, you’ll want to spend time ruffling and bending the areas of foliage for the most naturalistic look.

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