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Artificial Green Walls For Homes

Whether in a garden, or reimagining empty wall space, Vistafolia’s artificial green wall solutions offer unique centerpieces designed to uplift any setting, including a variety of homes, remote offices, gardens, and more.

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Artificial Green Walls For Offices

Our low maintenance, functional artificial green walls for workplaces are designed to excite, inspire, and impress. Transformative in any environment, whether a traditional big city headquarters or one with rural views, our office artificial green walls create immediate impact.

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Indoor Artificial Green Walls

Modern interiors are all about simple, natural highlights and innovative solutions. Inspired by this, our indoor artificial green walls are designed to effortlessly integrate into any interior environment, whether a busy workplace or at home. We reimagine, enhance, or even transform empty wall space into an uplifting centrepiece.

Indoor light can highlight an artificial appearance. Our extensively developed artificial green walls stand up to the test – you would never know that they aren’t real.

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Outdoor Artificial Green Walls

Our stunning and ultra-realistic outdoor artificial green walls are designed to energise and reimagine featureless spaces everywhere from private homes and apartments to commercial projects. If you can imagine it, we can install it.

Vistafolia’s seamless, low-maintenance artificial foliage can transform the character of your location, whether that’s a rooftop terrace, an airport façade, a cruise ship, or even a hotel. Our outdoor artificial green walls are completely versatile!

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Artificial Green Walls for Small Scale Projects

When designing smaller areas, it may feel like there is less space for creative features such as a green wall.

Vistafolia’s innovative, realistic and flexible panel solution means that any setting, whether small or narrow, can be impressively reimagined with an artificial green wall. Our market leading approach to artificial green walls means that any room can enjoy a unique talking point, no matter its size.

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Vistafolia’s Large Artificial Green Wall Project Approach

A large-scale green wall is really something to behold! This immediately striking feature can bring beautiful life to an otherwise drab or unattractive building. The unique aesthetic of a high quality artificial green wall appeals to the eye, both up close and from considerable difference.

Vistafolia’s unique, market-leading approach to green walls with our three-panel solution means they are perfect for a variety of large-scale applications.

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Artificial Green Walls for Cafés, Restaurants & Hotels

Whether staying overnight at a hotel or eating in a restaurant, as a customer you want to be inspired. Vistafolia’s ultra-realistic plant walls can help create that meaningful and lasting impact, elevating your hospitality space with an element of sophistication and style.

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Artificial Green Walls for Fences

Whether in an industrial, commercial or domestic setting, fences are functional but often not attractive to look at. When you’re staring out of a window at a simple fence, it is uninspiring. Attaching Vistafolia’s panels to any fence will uplift and create a stylish and relaxing environment that is pleasing on the eye.

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Green Walls for Gardens

Our green walls perfectly complement existing garden spaces. Where living plants may struggle to grow on walls, our hyper-realistic artificial green walls stand the test of time, weather and environment, and seamlessly blend in with your existing living plants.

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Artificial Privacy Screening Plant Walls

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Artificial Faux Walls for Sports Facilities

Whether you’re looking to add an extra special edge to your driving range or looking to enhance your executive members suite, Vistafolia’s faux living walls offers sports facilities plenty of opportunities to enhance surroundings for customers. Vistafolia helps to give your indoor environment an outdoor feel.

We’ve already been lucky enough to work with some prestigious clients such as NFL teams Atlanta Falcons and Tennessee Titans, Premier League Teams Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Brentford and Crystal Palace, Lords and The Oval Cricket Grounds, The F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone and the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

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Artificial Plants for Pots, Planters & Troughs

Vistafolia’s exciting range of artificial plants are ideal for use in pots, planters and troughs. From bright, colourful flowers to lush, green foliage, everything we sell is hand-designed here in the UK for maximum realness, giving you a lifelike alternative without the hassle of watering and pruning.

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Green Walls With Signage

Green walls for signage are becoming more and more popular. You want to make your business stand out, and what better way to do that is grabbing your customer’s attention by adding an artificial green wall, complete with your branding.

Whether you’re looking to increase awareness of your company, or create a focal point to hammer home your message, a Vistafolia plant wall is the perfect base to make your company’s logo really shine.

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Green Walls for Balconies & Terraces

Green walls on balconies and terraces are becoming more and more popular. Real living walls are often not suited to these types of spaces because of unfavourable elemental conditions that can be prevalent. Instead, homeowners and businesses are turning to artificial plant walls as a long-lasting alternative that don’t require lots of ongoing maintenance.

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