Big Steps Towards Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do. That’s why Vistafolia are pleased to announce that we are working closely with Brothers Make to help move closer to our goal of becoming increasingly environmentally conscious as they look for new ways to re-purpose the Vistafolia Artificial green wall panel foliage.

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Resusing & Recycling

Our collaboration with Brothers Make is fantastic news for Vistafolia; as it now means that our Artificial Green Walls can now be recycled and re-purposed for a different means and eliminating the possibility that any plastic will ever end up in landfill. This news means that we can now continue in our pursuit for sustainability and remain as the market leaders for innovation and setting a real precedent in the movement for sustainability.

This adds to our promise of continuing to invest into further research on the sustainability of our products which further emphasises our commitment to environmental responsibility. The recycling our product helps push us closer to our goal of reducing our carbon footprint.

We have long since been committed to only using responsibly sourced, fully recyclable packaging for our panels, and this is just another step on our quest to ensure our products are as green as they possibly can be. 

Challenges are inevitable in our journey towards sustainability since we are undertaking multiple modifications such as testing methods, product formulation, base polymer used and many more. The main problems we are addressing are reducing carbon emissions, fossil fuel consumption and plastic waste.

Additionally, through this process of changing formulas and methods towards sustainability, the challenge is to maintain the superior UV/FR capabilities we already exhibit in our current products whilst preserving its ultra-realistic aesthetic. This requires comprehensive scientific research and testing which we are currently in the final stages of.

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Sustainability - Recycled Artificial Green Wall

Knowledge Transfer Partnership To Help Reduce Our Carbon Emissions

Vistafolia are also pleased to announce that we are working with the UK Government and The University of Surrey to create a formula that allows us to get closer to producing artificial plant walls that consist of environmentally friendly components, never been achieved in this industry.

Sustainability is a key buzzword in businesses nowadays but in recent times, companies have thrown around that word for their corporate social responsibility without really understanding what it means. To be sustainable means to be able to maintain the current rate of production without depleting natural resources. That’s what we aim to do here. With the news of our Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Surrey, UK Research and Innovation Professor Jhuma Sadhukhan (Professor at The Centre for Environment & Sustainability) and our very own Hanson Ting (Sustainable Process Development Associate) & Dr Elham Ketabchi (Head of Research & Development) we can now truly say that our Artificial Green Walls are another step closer to become a sustainable item.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a collaborative program between a knowledge base, a forward-thinking business and UK Research and innovation (UKRI) that has been running since 1975. This program aims to transfer scientific knowledge from an academic base to a company, through a graduate(s) with a specific goal in mind. Partnering with the University of Surrey has enabled access to expertise in numerous scientific fields, high-end laboratory testing equipment and machinery guiding Vistafolia towards the development of the UV/FR biopolymer formulation.

The KTP has also provided world-class expertise on Life Cycle Assessment from the Centre of Environment and Sustainability, which, as previously mentioned, will allow the company to understand and minimise our environmental impact.

Artificial Plant Fire Testing
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