Artificial Screening Plant Walls for Privacy

Privacy screening needs to be unobtrusive yet protective. A Vistafolia green wall harmonises nature with privacy, creating a barrier between you and the outside world. Whether in your garden, home, office or retail space, a green wall will enhance privacy as well as complementing the existing design of your space.

With low maintenance, long-lasting design and seamless panel integration, our green walls are the ideal solution, offering a screening plant wall for optimal privacy.

Privacy Screening for Retail

In large shopping centres, luxury shops and retail spaces, creating moments of privacy is key to guaranteeing a good shopping experience.

A Vistafolia artificial green wall is a low profile and indoor-suited solution to this problem, providing a relaxing atmosphere that allows for secluded conversation.

Garden Screening for Privacy

For empty vertical spaces, whether fences, wire screening or unused space, a Vistafolia green wall can provide a privacy screen for overlooked or open gardens whilst creating a relaxing atmosphere.  

Our industry leading three panel solution provides visual interest and brings a realistic look to your garden.

Garden Screening in Schools

For children and young people, a school needs to be a place to relax, discover and most importantly, learn. Plain fences are visually uninspiring and leave spaces looking bland, which is not ideal for learning or creativity.

To facilitate engagement in all areas of a school, as well as benefiting pupils’ wellbeing, a Vistafolia green wall will bring seclusion and privacy, whilst also creating an environment of relaxation and study

Providing Excellence in Green Wall Privacy Solutions

Vistafolia is a market leader in ultra-realistic green walls, and our solution is seen in premium spaces across the globe. Whatever your goal, we can provide a green wall that enhances and uplifts your space.

Why Choose Vistafolia for Privacy Screening?

Vistafolia is an innovator in the green wall space, and with years of research behind us, we’re well placed to provide you with a green wall privacy screen. Our walls are so natural looking that, unless you touched them, you wouldn’t know they were artificial.

Compared to others on the market, our unique three-panel solution doesn’t ever look repetitive, no matter the scale of the project. With our colour and texture boxes, you can personalise your green wall seasonally, to fit with a colour scheme or to create variance in the overall design.

Artificial Green Walls vs Real Walls for Privacy Screening

When it comes to privacy screening, living walls are somtimes chosen. But the need for resources like water and light, as well as weight demand on a wall, makes it harder for a living wall to survive vertically. Conversely, a Vistafolia artificial green wall can withstand all weather, is UV rated and fire rated to the market’s toughest standards, something that no living wall can offer. As well, our artificial green walls are:

  • Easy to maintain without the need for attention
  • Able to shape to any shape wall
  • Can thrive without the need for light and ventilation
  • Have a much shallower profile than living walls, increasing the floor space available

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Home Owner Warren & Tracey
Home Owner Gary
Home Owner Ashley

My Vistafolia green wall looks fantastic. I have to remind myself it’s not real! It has transformed a boring brick wall which I look out onto while I’m washing up into something lovely. Very good customer service too – well-informed and helpful.

Liz Gill

The team was fantastic. They arrived on time. It was raining, but they worked through the rain and did a fabulous job. Had some trouble with my neighbour and they went above and beyond to sort that out and make her side look pretty too. Would recommend them any day.

Puja Patnaik

I am so thrilled that I picked Vistafolia. Our roof terrace looks amazing with the combination of the foliage panels and cedar panelling. The whole process could not have been simpler and the team worked hard and paid such attention to detail during the installation. I would thoroughly recommend them.


Amazing product and delighted with our new green wall. Certainly has bought a new dimension to the dining area of our terrace.Can recommend without hesitation and service we received from Tim Spargo was exceptional. Also impressed with both delivery and packaging of the product beautifully wrapped in tissue and boxed. We looked at the competition and came to conclusion that VistaGreen was best by far!

Andrew Shepherd

We found Vistafolia’s Lush Green green wall product to be of the highest quality. It was naturalistic and easy to install. Customer service was excellent and the end result is very impacting. It was key that the product had a good fire rating and clear supporting documentation. We would use Vistafolia and their products again.

Kim Halliday

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