Rooftop Privacy Screening

Up on the roof – Vistafolia takes to the skies

America’s city streets are a great place to live for those who enjoy being in the middle of a vibrant metropolis. Unfortunately, high property prices and over-crowding means that not every city dweller has the luxury of a garden. An increasing number of enterprising residents are tackling this problem by looking to the skies to create their own personal haven amongst the hustle and bustle. Creating a roof garden is a great way of carving out your own outdoor space and, can have the added benefit of a great view as well as increasing your property’s value.

Unfortunately, the increased level of smog and pollution in America’s cities means that grass and plant life in roof gardens rarely thrives and, so, many people simply opt to go without. Although this can still result in a relaxing space in which to enjoy the sun, a roof garden without any kind of foliage can unfortunately look a little bare and cold.


A growing number of Vistafolia residential customers of Riverside County are getting in touch to ask for our help in improving their roof gardens with privacy screening. An increased awareness in our environment as well as the desire for a more natural look to a roof garden means that many savvy Americans are opting for artificial grass and foliage, instead of high maintenance living green walls. Unlike old fashioned artificial turf’s tendency to look ‘plasticky’, Vistafolia’s greenery foliage is expertly designed to create a natural and lush effect. Our foliage can be used as carpeting for a roof garden or as a feature wall to compliment furniture and accessories. In this instance, our design team were asked to enhance a roof garden which featured comfortable seating and a distinctive signature natural wood table.

As the roof garden contained a high wall behind the seating area, our team decided that this would be the perfect canvas for a Vistafolia green wall. After putting their heads together, the team agreed that tropical style spiky leaves and soft ferns could be combined to create a wall which is instantly reminiscent of vacations in exotic climes. Lush Green color boxes were added in subtle shades of green to give the impression of depth and movement. The team decided to create the green wall to exactly match the square shape of the wall for a trendy and eye-catching contrast to the feature table.

The homeowner was delighted with the new look roof garden and stunned by how quick and easy the entire process was. The resident can now enjoy the new garden without worrying about maintenance of the new foliage.

With increasingly busy lives, we believe that it’s important to have a relaxing environment in which to unwind – and our beautiful and practical green walls are the perfect addition to a city roof garden.