Ultra-realistic artificial green walls
Bring walls to life
Customise with a finish so close to nature you won’t know the difference
Your wall your way
Hassle-free products that give you time to do the important things in life
Time to enjoy life
Green walls suited to any space, any size and any location
Endless possibilities
Proven to have a positive effect on your well-being
Calms and soothes
All our products are fully tested to withstand whatever nature can throw at them
Engineered to last


Every project can benefit from Vistafolia® artificial green walls, regardless of size or location. Whether you’re looking to green up a small corner of your kitchen, or you’re working on a large scale commercial project, our green wall panels make an instant difference. Simply put, we provide a complete end to end service, anywhere that your imagination takes you.


Vistafolia 3-Panel Solution

Find out why Vistafolia is the world’s number 1 artificial green wall system