Twinings Luxury Green Wall

Twinings Green Wall

Artificial Green Wall The Strand

Twinings are perhaps the perfect example of a truly British institution. After all, what’s more British than a cup of tea? But having been selling from the same shop on The Strand in Central London since 1706, even the greatest of institutions needs a revamp every now and again. So how do you carefully combine traditional luxury with exciting modern design? Easy. You use Vistafolia.

Twinings aren’t the only ones with their roots firmly in Britain, with Vistafolia’s carefully hand-crafted panels being designed by hand at our R&D facility in Frimley, Surrey by British horticulturist Paul Alder, himself no stranger to quintessential British establishments such as the Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows where he has picked up numerous awards.


The tearoom team wanted to add a splash of colour to their walls, as a stylish backdrop to their ever-changing seasonal displays. The green wall needed to be something that was easy to maintain and safe for indoor use. A real wall would have been far too costly to maintain, and the complete absence of natural light would have made it even tougher to keep at its best. Instead, an artificial green walls solution was sought. Vistafolia’s Fire Rated Signature Panels were the perfect solution for this, creating an instant design feature that will never need watering or pruning.

To keep up with trends or to simply suit your mood, Vistafolia walls can be customised even after they’ve been installed. Our colour boxes add a burst of colour from the outset, but that’s not to say they can’t be replaced whenever you feel like it. Our exciting range of colour options may leave you struggling to pick the one you want, so why not take a mixture and chop and change as you wish.

If you’re worried about any disruption that a Vistafolia installation might cause you then you needn’t be. A lot of our installations can be completed in a day by our highly skilled teams who work with you to make sure you get the wall that you want without the need for compromise. In the case of this installation, our team got to site as early as possible and had the install completed before the shop opened for business in the morning.