Vertical Garden London

Vertical Garden London

Artificial Vertical Garden London

Creating a high-end green wall design element for a tight space, Vistafolia® rose to the challenge of dressing up the imposing feature wall of this small, enclosed courtyard in Chiswick. The client had been waiting for the right technology that would be a perfect fit for this difficult environment, which had very limited entertaining space and only enough room for a sofa and a few chairs. The client was delighted with Vistafolia®, which he found to be the excellent artificial green walls vertical garden system to fulfils all of the requirements of the space.

The key objective is to transform a plain, concrete wall into a tapestry of green and colour, creating an engaging visual journey from within the property. The feature wall commanded a sweeping top-to-bottom view, seen from both levels of the house and from all three corners.


Apart from the technical difficulties of accommodating a scaffolding tower in a very limited space, the area received little natural light and needed to be brightened with splashes of colour. Vistafolia® founder and designer Paul Alder approached the problem with creative enthusiasm, drawing from his extensive horticultural knowledge to design a foliage wall teeming with colour and seemingly random arrangements of grasses.

Bursts of lavender and yellows along with delicate whites from Vistafolia’s Colour Box selections created a spring and summery look for seasonal interest to the vertical garden. Paul further customised the wall to heighten the natural look with tumbles of big grasses which broke the sharp lines of the wall and gave the impression of abundant, thriving, even overgrown planting spilling into the glass door. The naturalistic scheme was beautifully set off with low-key down lighting, which also protected the foliage from heat.

The Vistafolia® team also worked around the problem of very limited space by progressing from the base up, using ladders, and adding plants incrementally.

This project is an excellent example of a truly bespoke scheme that Vistafolia’s flexible and versatile system can easily accommodate, enabling a vast range of creative applications.