Artificial Green Walls for Fences

Whether in an industrial, commercial or domestic setting, fences are functional but often not attractive to look at. When you’re staring out of a window at a simple fence, it is uninspiring. Attaching Vistafolia’s panels to any fence will uplift and create a stylish and relaxing environment that is pleasing on the eye.

Reimagine Your Fences with a Realistic Green Wall

Fences are underutilised spaces that rarely get to realise their full potential. In fact, an artificial wall or trellis can uplift and improve these spaces for the better.

A Vistafolia artificial green wall is hyper-realistic, with varied and different planting patterns that work cohesively together, whilst remaining visually distinctive as a whole.

Revitalise Your Garden Fence with Vistafolia

Your garden fence is often overlooked as a place to add inspiration and luxury. In fact, a green wall on a garden fence can be as inspiring or visually interesting as living plants but without the need for expensive and continuous maintenance and upkeep, making them more attractive for busy homeowners.

Rather than attaching planters and filling them with flowers, remembering to water them and keep them fed, a green wall from Vistafolia looks stunning all year round without the need for watering and light.

Make Industrial Spaces Welcoming with a Green Wall

For those working in industrial workplaces, including renovated warehouses, having a presentable space may still be a priority. Metal fences and exposed walls, while practical, are restrictive to design and comfort.

A Vistafolia green wall can offset intense or unattractive metal features and create a warmth, indoors or outdoors. Thanks to the versatility of our panels, they can be easily attached to any material.

3-Panel Solution

Our 3-panel solution combines our A, B and C panels for randomised foliage placement. This means there’s no repetitive patterns.

No Join Lines or Squares

Our panels seamlessly interconnect, and due to the varying patterns and compact planting, you will never see visible join lines or squares.

Rich Colours & Tones

We pride ourselves on our hyper-detailed artificial foliage. Each of our panels are packed with lush greenery and splashes of vibrant colours (if you wish).

Different Varieties & Textures

To ensure a rich tapestry of texture, there are 72 lush plants per panel and 16 different varieties of plant included – all varying in height.

Why Use an Artificial Green Wall Over Living Plants?

Unlike living plants, an artificial Vistafolia green wall thrives throughout varying weather and temperatures and without natural light. Where real plants would quickly wilt, a Vistafolia green wall continues to flourish, looking attractive all year.

Unlike living plants, an artificial green wall from Vistafolia is:

  • Fire retardant and tested to the highest standards
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance and low overhead cost
  • Much lighter weight, so suitable for weaker fence panels

Why choose Vistafolia Over Others?

Unlike other competitors on the market, Vistafolia is tested to the highest standards and provides the longest guarantee on the market. We also provide a full service, from consultation, design and research to aftersales care and customer satisfaction.

Vistafolia provides a full service:

  • Unique three panel solution, eliminating boring repeating walls
  • Customisation for seasonality or colour theme with our colour and texture boxes
  • Market leading UV ratings and freeze/thaw testing
  • Constant research into new ways to increase sustainability in green walls

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What Our Customers Have to Say

★★★★★ reviews on Google

Home Owner Warren & Karen
Home Owner Gary
Home Owner Ashley

My Vistafolia green wall looks fantastic. I have to remind myself it’s not real! It has transformed a boring brick wall which I look out onto while I’m washing up into something lovely. Very good customer service too – well-informed and helpful.

Liz Gill

The team was fantastic. They arrived on time. It was raining, but they worked through the rain and did a fabulous job. Had some trouble with my neighbour and they went above and beyond to sort that out and make her side look pretty too. Would recommend them any day.

Puja Patnaik

I am so thrilled that I picked Vistafolia. Our roof terrace looks amazing with the combination of the foliage panels and cedar panelling. The whole process could not have been simpler and the team worked hard and paid such attention to detail during the installation. I would thoroughly recommend them.


Amazing product and delighted with our new green wall. Certainly has bought a new dimension to the dining area of our terrace.Can recommend without hesitation and service we received from Tim Spargo was exceptional. Also impressed with both delivery and packaging of the product beautifully wrapped in tissue and boxed. We looked at the competition and came to conclusion that VistaGreen was best by far!

Andrew Shepherd

We found Vistafolia’s Lush Green green wall product to be of the highest quality. It was naturalistic and easy to install. Customer service was excellent and the end result is very impacting. It was key that the product had a good fire rating and clear supporting documentation. We would use Vistafolia and their products again.

Kim Halliday

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