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Artificial Green Walls in Atlanta: Liven Your Space with a Touch of Nature

Lately, more people have opted to install artificial green walls rather than living ones. If you have seen a faux living wall, you understand there is little visual difference between a fake green wall and a living wall.

But what exactly are artificial green walls? What are the benefits of installing one? And where can you get the best artificial green walls in Atlanta? This detailed guide provides the answers you seek.

Artificial Green Walls in Atlanta: Liven Your Space with a Touch of Nature

Lately, more people have opted to install artificial green walls rather than living ones. If you have seen a faux living wall, you understand there is little visual difference between a fake green wall and a living wall.

But what exactly are artificial green walls? What are the benefits of installing one? And where can you get the best artificial green walls in Atlanta? This detailed guide provides the answers you seek.

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What Are Artificial Green Walls?

Artificial living walls are interlocked panels of fake plants. The synthetic plants have similar colors, textures, and movements as live plants to enhance your environment. Vistafolia green walls consist of hyper-realistic foliage that differs from the paper, silk, and plastic artificial designs from cheaper brands.

Fake living walls accentuate a blank brick wall, create privacy, and help with separation. You can install one in your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or garden.

Terrace Garden After Green Wall Install

Garden with an artificial green wall.


Inspirational artificial walls for any environment
ultra realistic green wall fence panels

Artificial green wall on a fence.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Artificial Living Walls in Atlanta?

You’re looking for quality and beauty. Here are the four key benefits of installing an artificial green wall.

A lot of work goes into developing a living wall. First, you have to invest in sophisticated, lightweight steel structures to hold the substrate on which the live plants will grow, leaving room for aeration.

You also have to consider the weight load of the living wall against the structural integrity of your existing wall. A grass wall can easily damage the existing wall due to water retention, fertilizer salts, or mold overgrowth.

Other factors that come into play are drainage, planting media, and irrigation. Poor drainage can lead to waterlogging, the spread of plant disease, and damaged floor and wall surfaces. When choosing plant media, it should be lightweight, porous, and can hold water and nutrients.

Irrigation is a must with living walls. These plants need frequent watering to grow, prompting the creation of a continuous water supply. However, irrigation also means monitoring water volume, pH, and dissolved salts levels.

For most people, the above steps feel like a lot of work. Suppose this feels like you; installing an artificial wall will mean less work and maintenance. At Vistafolia, we install our artificial green wall in a day for small projects. Our artificial green wall undergoes minimal fading over the years, so you do not have to spend extra money replacing it. The fake plants just need occasional wiping, which is inexpensive compared to the water bills incurred when watering living plants.

Noise pollution in a work environment can affect productivity, creativity, and innovativeness. The noise could be from other workmates, machines, or mechanical sounds. 

Vistafolia artificial green wall panels can reduce noise and minimize echo by deflecting soundwaves. The innovative foam backing on the panels deadens the sound created, especially in busy office spaces. This, in turn, promotes quiet for improved productivity.

Being in nature is invigorating. It decreases stress, elevates your mood, and improves attention. But is it possible to enjoy these benefits with an artificial green wall? Sure.

The human brain pays attention to nature through automatic attention. This is where you find your mind is effortlessly fascinated by nature without you paying direct attention. When we learned of this concept, we took the liberty to innovate materials that can create ultra-realistic foliage designs.

Vistafolia green wall panels feature natural leaf-like shapes, colors, textures, contrasts, and movement. This way, sitting beside an artificial green wall offers a natural look to keep you relaxed and calm.

Artificial plants do not need specific environments to thrive as live plants do. Instead, they can withstand harsh weather conditions. This means you can create your customizable vertical gardens with the specific plants you have in mind.

At Vistafolia, we deliver ultra-realistic artificial plants that you can add to wall panels, baskets, hanging planters, or vases. Our texture box choices include Large Grasses, Lush Green, Trailing Buxus, and Trailing Ivy, while our color Boxes feature Delicate White, Forest Flame, Soft Lavender, and Soft Pink Box choices. This way, you can get creative when designing your fake green wall.

What Are the Types of Artificial Green Wall Art Designs for Your Space?

With Vistafolia artificial green walls, you can design your walls in any of the following ways:

3D Wall Art

Our faux green wall features different shapes and textures, giving it a 3D wall art design. Our artificial plants offer a realistic, natural rendition incomparable to recreated pictures.

Small Green Wall Art Design

Integrating a Vistafolia green wall into a small interior will create an illusion of space. The wall features a rich, dark green to give an illusion of depth. Adding an artificial living wall to your space slows your eyes down to explore the art, which would be different from the fast glance if your wall was blank.

Highlight a Sculpture

Vistafolia green walls create an excellent backdrop thanks to the varied leaf shapes, textural structures, and shifts in depth. The fake wall helps highlight a sculpture without being overshadowed.

Disguise Other Elements

You can use a fake living wall to conceal exposed pipework, a fire escape, or an access ladder. The lush greenery can transform the ugly piping into beautiful artistic wall art.

Bespoke Art

Our Vistafolia artificial green wall panels allow you to showcase your imagination and creativity. With our Color Boxes, you can create that bespoke green wall art you have always imagined.

Circular Artificial Green Wall Installation in a London Garden

Artificial green wall art.


Discover more about Vistafolia®’s passion for transforming indoor and outdoor spaces.

an artificial green wall installation with a neon sign

How to Choose the Best Artificial Green Wall in Atlanta?

When you buy a fake green wall, it should live up to meet your expectations in terms of aesthetics, quality, and longevity. Here are tips on how to get the best artificial green wall in Atlanta.

Companies with UV certification readily produce their UV certificate to prove that their green wall has been tested on how well they protect against UV rays. As such, here is our technical datasheet on UV certification.

The product should also be tested and rated for fire resistance. Our green wall has a Bs1d0 fire rating, the highest level you will find in the market. It features fire retardant properties, making it safe to use indoors and outdoors.

A warranty helps determine the quality of a product. For instance, if a company does not offer a warranty for their product, the product is likely of low quality. Fortunately, Vistafolia products have a 5-year warranty, an extended time compared to our competitors. We pride ourselves on delivering premium and high-quality products.

Why Choose Vistafolia?

Vistafolia is a world-leading manufacturer of artificial green walls. Here are five reasons why you should trust our products.

Ultra-Realistic Design

Our professional team has spent many hours researching, designing, and perfecting our 3-panel system that recreates a natural-looking wall. This system ensures there is no repetition during installation or no visible join lines.

Additionally, all our artificial plants undergo a rigorous process to ensure they feel and look like live plants. Incorporating our Color and Texture Boxes allows you to create your unique finished look.

R&D Laboratory

We own our laboratory to ensure we always push ourselves towards creating innovative artificial greenery products. Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve existing models for improved product life, unlike other companies that import products and repackage them.

Professional Technical Support

Our technical team installs artificial green walls daily, meaning they have the expertise to overcome challenging obstacles with ingenious solutions. Our in-house design team offers excellent technical advice regarding design requirements. 

Tested and Certified

Our products are rigorously tested and offer unmatched quality, safety, and long-lasting benefits. You can use Vistafolia products around the home or for commercial use.

Happy Customers

What good would our artificial green walls be if our customers were dissatisfied? This is why we offer premium products and excellent customer service. Our review page is proof of our happy, satisfied clients.

Green vertical garden panels with lady drinking coffee

Artificial Green Walls Are Worth It

Fake living walls add an aesthetic appeal to homes, patios, offices, restaurants, gyms, or grand entryways. They transform a blank wall into an artificial piece of art while demanding low maintenance.

So, wait no more. Contact us today to request a quote for your next wall project.

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