Artificial Green Wall

Artificial Living Green Walls

Artificial Living Green Walls for Cafe

Matcha and Beyond, an independent café established in the heart of Chelsea faced a question all businesses face when the first start out. How can the interior successfully promote the company’s ethos? In this case; how could they promote sustainability and wellbeing? For starters – by installing one of our Artificial Living Green Walls.

With our Green Wall situated at the rear of Matcha and Beyond, it instantly becomes the focal point of the café, promoting wellness and relief from everyday stress the second you walk through the door. Surrounded by other calming and neutral colours the green wall perfectly encapsulates what Matcha and Beyond stands for – as well as acting as a perfect backdrop customers can use to take social media worthy photographs.

Due to limitations on space, it was imperative that the wall didn’t take up too much room in the cosy café. Our signature panels sit flush against the wall and with easy installation in mind; can be fixed using our VistaGreen® Fixing Panel System to almost any surface.


Thanks to over 25 years’ experience in horticulture, our painstakingly detailed design of lush green foliage gives off the impression of real plants due to a convincing growing pattern and a variety of textures. Unless you physically touch and smell it, it’s impossible to tell it’s not the real thing!

Had Matcha and Beyond opted to install a real living wall they would have to consider bulky irrigation systems and lighting in order to keep the plants healthy, and even then, the wall would still be likely to fail. With our green walls there is little to no maintenance involved and no need for pesticides which are harmful to the environment. Although plastic, our product is not single use, it can be reused and recycled – which we believe is incredibly important.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with bespoke luscious Artificial Living Green Walls. Firstly, our signature three panel solution, eradicates repetition whilst giving a natural, random looking pattern. To further the customisation, clients can position individual flowers and plants in the walls, tailoring it to their taste and mood, with our colour box range. Adding either bursts of soft lavender, delicate white flowers or lush green foliage makes it – a ‘matcha made in heaven’.