Avolon Office Green Wall

Office Green Wall

Office Green Wall

Real green walls can lay claim to a whole host of benefits when it comes to office spaces. They create calm working environments, and their acoustic properties allow for clarity of thought, which in turn increases efficiency. But for every living wall there are always downsides. They need constant attention and even if you’re lucky enough to have the time to spend tending to their needs, ultimately some spaces are simply not conducive to supporting one.

This office space in the heart of New York City, situated on 5th avenue, a stone’s throw away from some of New York’s most famous landmarks such as the Rockefeller Centre, Radio City Music Hall and Central Park. However, as you might imagine, being close to Central Park doesn’t necessarily mean you can gaze out upon it’s beautiful greenery and often you need to be a bit more creative when it comes to looking at greenery from your desk. Originally, the office had a living green wall. But problems soon started, and the dark room with its lack of natural sunlight soon began to take its toll on the wall.


Rather than leave a blank, unsightly space, the owners sought an alternative solution that could be fitted quickly and give them a hassle-free green wall. Vistafolia was the perfect solution in this instance, giving them an absolutely stunning solution that looks as good as the real thing, without any of the worries about it ever needing their attention. Apart from a light dusting from time to time, our replica green wall panels are designed to suit any environment, and space, and any sized wall.

In this case, the client opted to keep the existing green wall framing in place. For some panel systems, such as those backed by plastic, this might have proved a challenge. But not for Vistafolia. The team at UpScapers, themselves authorised distributors in the USA and experts in all things Vistafolia, were able to come with a solution to fit the panels around the existing framework with a minimum of fuss.

They were also able to carefully cut the panels around the Avolon signage in reception, creating a attractive backdrop for their logo. The wall was finished using the Delicate White Colour Box from our range of boxes designed to bring the finishing touches to our green walls. These elegant pieces of foliage give each wall a personalised finish that our clients crave, leaving happy customers every single time.