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Does the Foliascreen® come in different sizes?

The Foliascreen® is available in two sizes, standard and full height.

Standard height screen (826x1238x500mm)

The standard height screen is perfect for creating privacy around desks, seating areas and smaller commercial or at home office spaces.

Full height screen (826x2064x500mm)

The Full height option is designed for open plan spaces, where it can be used to create breakout areas, meeting rooms, and reconfigurable partition walls.

 The Foliascreen® is available to purchase in two heights, standard and full height.

The Foliascreen® is expertly upholstered using Camira Blazer Lite, a high quality, felted, milled 100% wool fabric. The standard colour is grey ‘Retreat’, however, if you’ve got a different colour in mind for your project, why not get in touch with us and we’ll discuss your options.

The Vistafolia Artificial Green Wall panels can also be customised with the addition of colour and texture boxes. Add a splash of colour to your artificial living wall with Vistafolia® Colour Boxes. Whether you want fresh, delicate blossoms or vibrant, fiery red flora, you can easily get the look you desire. For more information, please contact our sales team on 02073 851 020 or click here to see more.

 Our clients are driven by their passion to create uplifting environments that bring the great outdoor inside, without putting any unnecessary maintenance on their plate. The applications of the Foliascreen® are limited only by your imagination. The Foliascreen® is at home anywhere that you might want to utilise it, whether that be an office, restaurant, hotel, shopping malls, education facility, hospitals, event spaces or airports.

The Foliascreen® is effortless to construct and designed to last. Assembly starts with the internal frame and castors, then the foam panels simply slot over the frame with the fixings and Vistafolia® Artificial Green Wall panels to follow.

The Foliascreen® comes with instructions on how to assemble, with contact information for you to reach out should you become stuck. The installation video can be found here.

 The Foliascreen® is a revolutionary modular green wall partition which eliminates the need for outdated permanent walls and offers various biophilic design benefits for your space. Some of the benefits include:
  • Modern, biophilic design creating an enjoyable and productive environment.
  • Modular & reconfigurable with castors so you can change the layout as you need.
  • Fully fire and UV certified for peace of mind.
  • Customisable height options, fabric, and foliage colours
  • Sound absorption qualities
  • Zero maintenance once installed.
  • Patent and design licence

Fire tested to BS 5852:2006 clause 12 ignition sources 0,1,5

Stability tested to BS EN 1023-2:2000 Office furniture screens: mechanical safety requirements.

Acoustic tested to BS EN ISO 354:2003 and achieved a co-efficient rating of 1, which equates to class A under ISO 11654.

Panels fire tested to BS EN ISO 13501-1:2007+A1:2009, achieving Bs1d0 

Panels UV tested to BS EN ISO 4892-2: 2013

The Foliascreen® gives you the freedom to configure your space in any way you wish. What’s more, with a few adjustments you can keep things fresh and mix it up as you need. You can create extended Straight Lines, ‘L’ Dividers, ‘U’ Dividers, ‘T’ Dividers, ‘X’ Divider, Meeting Rooms and Booths.

The Foliascreen® is versatile enough that it can be easily positioned to segregate spaces and create rooms within rooms, all while looking stunning and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

To get inspired and see what you can do with Foliascreen® check out this video

Yes we offer a nationwide installation service. You can find out more here or you can email us on info@vistafolia.com or call us at 02073851020 and discuss your requirements with our team of green wall experts.

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