Artificial Vertical Garden

Artificial Vertical Garden

Contemporary Vertical Greens London

This modern roof terrace in a more traditional area of West London featured a vertical wall garden with a slatted circular water feature. The wall, which had a heavy, durable timber frame, offered seclusion in the multi-leveled space, along with boxed hedges and planters. Transforming it to n artificial living green wall, in keeping with the design scheme, would have created load-bearing issues. Vistafolia® offered a lightweight solution, using 15 signature panels, weighing only 200 kilograms, to create a beautiful artificial green walls that harmonised with the contemporary design.


Guided by our training videos, the garden designers worked around the circular space to cover the wall with our signature green wall panels, shaping the panels as needed around the water feature.

The wall was easily installed, custom-fitting the panels creating a bespoke green wall on site with our chic Colour Box selections of lavender flowers and larger grasses.

The project is an excellent example of how VistaGreen® provided the perfect solution to creating year-round green displays in sensitive environments such as roof terraces where lightness in weight, durability and longevity of the product are a premium. This project gives an excellent example of the flexibility of our design solutions.