Beautiful Vertical Greenery

Beautiful Vertical Greenery

Beautiful Outdoor Vertical Garden

Vistafolia provided a striking, space-saving solution to creating beautiful greenery for this central London garden. A large rear wall that is around 100 years old distinguishes the very shady area of this garden and an artificial green wall made a welcome addition that made the wall stand out.

Adding a vertical green wall would serve as the dominant feature of the small outdoors space, affording beautiful green views from every floor of the four-storey house. Creating a living green wall in this situation would have been extremely challenging, however, and only Vistafolia could provide a practical maintenance-free solution.


To adhere our green panels to the highly uneven wall, we installed a cedar timber frame to serve as backdrop for the vertical garden which framed perfectly the foliage. The wood lent both tonal and textural contrasts to the foliage and became a design focal point for this contemporary garden scheme. In addition, the wall was over 100 years old and was supported by steel plates. A real wall solution would have not been practical because of the weight issues with living green walls.

Vistafolia panels require no maintenance and do not need watering or the use of heavy frames. This makes them ideal for installations where the client does not have time to tend to them. Real walls can be very labour-intensive and take up a lot of your schedule, not to mention the costs of water and chemicals.

The panels are also completely UV stable, which means they are protected against fading and come with a market-leading 5-year warranty, a premium in a market full of substandard products that leave their customers wishing they’d chosen a tried and tested alternative.