Courtyard Green wall Privacy Screening

Courtyard Privacy Screening

Privacy Screening London

What was once a bare wall in this private courtyard vertical garden in Central London was transformed into an evergreen showcase by Vistafolia’s attractive artificial green walls. The plain brick wall was gone and instead the client has a completely natural looking green wall that is as close to the real thing as is available.

Our ultra-realistic replica green wall panels, customised with lavender foliage, taken from our range of Colour boxes of mixed flowers and plants, created the perfect backdrop to the striking water feature and provided a burst of greenery without losing out on space, ideal for screening any outdoor or indoor unit.


Our artificial panel system creates the aesthetic of organic foliage, with our lush panels wrapping realistically around a supporting column on the property. Vistafolia provides attractive design solutions to urban garden spaces, which usually have to work around lighting, load bearing and irrigation issues. Our lightweight steel-backed panels can be easily fitted to create a stunning and maintenance free vertical garden, with no need for a timber structure or planning permission and allow for water to percolate behind them to prevent damp.

Where living plants would struggle to thrive in this low-light environment and would require a watering system that would take up valuable space, our lightweight panels fit snugly against the wall without compromising the sites structural integrity. Plus, it could all be fitted in a day, with maintenance-free results that were no doubt a big draw for our client.

Our panels are both UV and fire tested to the highest standards found on the market and as such come with an unrivalled 5-year warranty to give each and every one of our customers complete peace of mind, allowing to them to focus on the more important things in life.