Courtyard Green Wall

Courtyard Green Wall

Courtyard Artificial Green Wall

This case study, in a basement courtyard in the heart of London, is a great example of green walls in the context of a complete garden redesign. The client had a rather dull, lifeless and dark space and wanted to inject some colour into the courtyard and set the task to The Garden Builders, a London-based garden design firm, themselves regular Vistafolia collaborators.

The client wanted grey tones to be the overall theme of the garden, but also realised the need to counterbalance this with bursts of colour, and what better way than to incorporate some stunning greenery. However, the limited space in the courtyard minimised the available space for planting and thus, a vertical option was sought. This would have the added benefit of breaking up the timber screening which could have made the garden look rather enclosed on its own. But a vertical green wall also presented its own issues. Real plants would require a costly irrigation system and would add a significant amount of weight to the wall. Plus, the height of the walls meant that a living wall may have struggled through a lack of sunlight being allowed in.


With Vistafolia however, these issues were simply swept aside. Vistafolia’s Signature panels do not require any irrigation system, and their lightweight design means that no unnecessary strain is placed on the supporting wall. Furthermore, the product’s artificial nature means that no sunlight is required. In fact, a lack of sunlight exposure will only increase the products longevity and prevent fading, extending the lifespan well past the 5-year warranty.

Vistafolia’s confidence in the ultra-realistic, faithfully replicated aesthetic of the product is shown in the combination of real and artificial green wall planting – the planters contain real plants, which would surely have shown up an inferior, less-realistic artificial product if paired together. Vistafolia’s foliage, with its carefully designed matrix of multi-shaped planting, not only blends perfectly with its natural counterpart, but also nicely offsets the straight lines of the timber and the uniformed pattern of the Domus geometric floor tiles. And by adding in one of our lush green colour boxes, we were able to add that extra element of randomness, giving the client totally bespoke, incredibly lush finish.

Vistafolia’s easy installation meant that the green wall could go up in less than a day, without adding an precious time to the garden installation as a whole, and left the client a perfectly built, functional space that be enjoyed again and again.