Elegant Green Walls

Elegant Green Walls

Artificial Greenery

Vistafolia® takes its place amongst innovative and creative workplaces, transforming the office environment into an inspiring space for enterprise and collaboration.

Increasingly becoming a key feature of green offices in the world, Vistafolia® is prized by design professionals for its maximum flexibility and creative applications for work spaces. With the ever-growing trend for green walls in offices, Vistafolia® provides a highly functional and aesthetic design product for both interior and exterior placement.

We’re proud to be part of POS Interiors’ workplace showroom in Guernsey. A specialist design company with an amazing portfolio of office design projects across sectors, POS Interiors believes in the power of inspiring work spaces to add value to businesses and people’s lives. POS Interiors helps motivate knowledge workers by providing them with an uplifting environment to do their best work – a space to think, focus and share.


Vistafolia’s vibrant green walls are a prominent feature of the company’s showroom, meant to demonstrate how to creatively optimise work settings to boost worker welfare and productivity.

Our signature panels graced the imposing double-height feature wall complementing the fun, energetic lettering mural of workplace inspiration, providing an elegant, organic counterpoint to the jazzy, graphic style. Spanning two levels, the green wall immediately conveys a warm, welcoming atmosphere conducive to effective working and the sharing of ideas.

Another Green Wall decorates the space around the pantry area, where workers can huddle round the table for a meeting or refreshment amidst beautiful interior greenery. Again, our green wall’s abundant, seamless coverage provides the relaxing Vertical Garden complement to the brightly coloured stools and the sleek lighting fixture.

This project eminently illustrates how Vistafolia® has gained the trust and support of leading design names who appreciate the quality and functionality of our unique product. Our excellent design engineering fits perfectly with POS Interiors’ philosophy of enhancing work environments for concentration, collaboration and contemplation, the best to buy.

With office design direction toward natural themes and biophilic elements, Vistafolia® offers a beautiful, practical alternative to putting up costly and effort-intensive living walls in work spaces. We have found that workers get similar positive effects from our stunning, natural-looking feature walls and greenery displays, finding inspiration and stress relief from our attractive foliage mixes and creative executions. Our installations are also ideal for workers with sensitive conditions who require non-allergenic environments.

Our commercial clients likewise appreciate how our signature panels can be rearranged easily to create new looks to refresh office views.