Faux Green Wall Tokyo

Faux Green Wall Tokyo

Artificial Living Wall Tokyo

Gardens are constantly evolving, and homeowners and designers alike are constantly searching for the latest trends and innovative products to include. This modern, stylish garden in Tokyo, Japan encapsulates some of the very best in modern architecture and décor, all set against the background of a luxury artificial green walls.

Greenfield, Vistafolia’s partner in Japan, were able to provide this customer with a lush, beautiful instant design feature to cover the boundary partition that makes the customer the envy of their friends. The low maintenance nature of the product means that the client will never have to worry about watering, chemical use or labour-intensive pruning. Instead, their time can be better spent enjoying the stunning view that Vistafolia’s Signature panels offer.


The client was initially hesitant when an artificial living green wall solution was suggested. But once they had seen the Vistafolia offering, they were completely sold. The use of 100% pure colour pigments paint an accurate representation of the foliage real-life counterparts and our clever 3-panel system and patent pending plant design logic add to the lifelike appearance of our panels to such an extent that most don’t realise the product isn’t the genuine article.

Strong sunlight will also not prove to be an issue for the installation, as Vistafolia’s commitment to testing means that we’re able to offer a product that is fully UV tested and designed to withstand the sun in even the warmest and harshest climates. Our warranty gives our customers the peace of mind that they need and ensures that the panels stay looking their best for years to come.

The wall was designed to be installed in tandem with various designs of coloured wood, adding a really eye-catching element to the design and giving the client a totally bespoke look. The wall was further customised with the use of a lush green colour box, which added further bursts of green and bigger, bolder textures to make the wall come alive. Our exciting range of colour boxes give each wall an individualised look, with no two installs the same. Customers can even change the planting as the mood or seasons change.

Working the wall around the unusually shaped tree planting bed was not a problem either, as the panels can easily be cut to virtually any shape and size without the need for specialist equipment. The installation was swift and straightforward thanks to Vistafolia’s ingenious fixing system that allows the panels to be attached to most substrates with an absolute minimum of fuss.

Vistafolia truly is the choice of industry professionals and those at the top of the respective fields. Architects, garden designers and landscapers are using our product all over the world to beautify those areas that need a splash of colour. Our attention to detail, passion for realism and technical expertise have helped establish us as the global leader for artificial greening solutions. Why not challenge us to put some green in your life.