Green Wall Design Ideas

Green Wall Design Ideas

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Vistafolia® have worked to build up an excellent reputation, not just in the UK but internationally too. This project in Gothenburg took our products to Sweden through our partners at By Faux, creating an elegant and sophisticated backdrop and display for KappAhl newly opened flagship store. We arrived, the store had undergone a major refurbishment and was in need of some high quality greenery to greet the customers. Our team in Sweden came in towards the end to add in the finishing touches and our replica green walls really lifted the aesthetics of the store, giving it a unique and interesting feel which fitted in well with the company’s brand ideas.

Our client was looking for a product that could be placed in the store that would enhance the experience for customers. We worked with the client to find out exactly what look they hoped to achieve, and we developed a design that would feature 30 of our Vistafolia panels, enhanced with our lush green texture boxes, giving a beautiful, textured 3D finish.


Our exciting range of colour and texture boxes enable every installation to be unique and ensure that every client gets the customised finish that they desire. The artificial plants from these boxes can be inserted into the basic panels, completing the look, while adding an extra element of randomness to ensuring that the green wall looks as natural as possible. The combination of different types of grasses, ferns and lots of other artificial foliage offers a result that replicates the natural growing patterns of real plants, but without the maintenance.

As well as the strategic location of our wall panels, the artificial greenery was carefully installed at specific locations throughout the store including the main wall located towards the entrance to the store that would create an excellent first impression for customers as they enter. We also located another around a memory mirror to create a spectacular decorative feature. It also served as a focal point where clients can get their pictures taken with new outfits for social media.

Fully compliant with the latest safety regulations, we take our client’s safety seriously and our panels and greenery meets all current international standards. Furthermore, when we use Vistafolia® products in our projects, wastage is kept to an absolute minimum. The strips that are left over are put to good use, in this case as adornments for picture screens, located throughout the store. Overall, we created an impressive, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing display for the store which not only surpassed our client’s expectations but provided a welcome and inviting space for KappAhl’s customers too.