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Green Wall Design Lisbon

Creating a beautiful but practical and low maintenance shopping environment is often a challenge for high street stores. Heavy foot traffic and enthusiastic browsing means that a store’s interior needs to be able to withstand constant use whilst still appealing to customers.

We were extremely excited when this high end furniture store in Portugal’s capital got in touch to ask us to apply our magic and expertise to its interior. Suppliers of beautiful, bespoke furniture, the store’s owners wanted an interior which would reflect its high quality and unique branding.

The store is located in Embaixada, Lisbon’s most exciting new shopping centre, installation of green wall vertical garden panels. Launched in 2013, Embaixada was created from a stunning 19th Century palace known as Palacete Ribeiro da Cunha and boasts four stories of art and culture, restaurants and stores. The first floor of the must-see centre is reserved for cultural events and art exhibitions by local artists.


The Vistafolia® team was very much aware that the design of the panels for this Lisbon store needed to be in keeping with its traditional and sophisticated image. After a meeting with the owner of the store, the team decided to create green panels for the interior which would create the illusion of a stately home’s interior. Our signature faux-foliage panels were installed in order to set the scene for the store’s new interior. In order to produce as natural an effect as possible, varying leaves and grasses of assorted shades and lengths were used for each panel. The team then added antique style clocks to the design to produce an unusual and eye-catching vista. The panels served to add signature walls to the interior without distracting from the furniture on display; blending with the pieces to produce a luxurious but homely effect.

Throughout the design process, the team kept the store’s customers in mind, making sure that the durable panels were placed in strategic locations where they could be seen but would not be obstructive to browsing shoppers. The team also kept in mind the fact that a furniture store requires a lot of maintenance in terms of dusting and cleaning – and the owner was happy to discover that our panels are easy to clean and require virtually no further maintenance in order to continue to look great.

Quality and care, public buildings such as this furniture store are subject to strict health and safety guidelines and, we were happy to confirm to the store owner that our panels are safe, compliant and environmentally kind. Every single one of our projects comes with our ISO certification which is testament to our commitment to the highest possible quality standards.

The store’s owner and staff were delighted with the new look store which, they say, has attracted countless compliments from its customers.