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Artificial Plant Designer

The versatility of our artificial foliage system extends to unique and special bespoke arrangements beyond greenwall installations, producing interesting decorative options for any occasion.

For this project, Vistafolia® fulfilled the client’s specific requirements for lush and abundant greenery to create a dramatic table setting for a wedding photoshoot. For her autumn nuptials, the client wanted the table dressed up with beautiful artificial living foliage reflecting the colours of the season, to be photographed against romantic woodland scenery.


Vistafolia® founder and award-winning British horticulturist Paul Alder’s meticulous attention to detail in creating a wide range of plants that mimic the colours, textures and movements found in nature provided the client with the perfect foliage selection. Put together, our individual plants became the practical solution for incorporating the autumn tones and textures the client desired.

The project also was executed with amazing ease and flexibility. Vistafolia’s signature panels were transformed into a bespoke ‘tablecloth’ for the shoot, and the variety of plants used highlighted the depth of planting for each of our three-panel system.

Vistafolia® fits perfectly with the needs and demands of contemporary lifestyles, offering a new value proposition –fuss-free green spaces with versatile, creative applications; easy installation and maintenance; and similar therapeutic and aesthetic benefits as natural greening.