Green Walled Seating Area

Green Walled Seating Area

Green Walled Bespoke Seating Area

At Vistafolia, outstanding quality is at the heart of everything we do – which is why we’re delighted to be able to partner with London Stone, a leading UK supplier of natural stone paving. It has been our privilege to work with London Stone on a number of projects in London, Essex, Kent and Surrey and we’re thrilled that our work is even displayed in London Stone’s showrooms around the home counties. When Dreamscape Gardens got in touch with London Stone regarding the creation of a bespoke, outdoor seating area, we jumped at the chance to get the dream team back together to fulfil the project.

Dreamscape Gardens had been approached by a client who was looking to upscale an outdoor seating area at his family home. During the briefing, the client explained that he wanted a new seating area to be created which would combine modern and traditional styles and, which would work with his existing plants including a pivotal tree in the driveway.


London Stone began the project by paving an area of the garden with naturally beautiful stone paving to form the floor of the seating area. Once done, Dreamscape Gardens worked its magic on the garden including the addition of bespoke cedar wood screens. Once all this was in place, it was our turn to help transform the area into a relaxing oasis for the client to enjoy with friends and family. Vistafolia® artificial living green wall panels were assembled to form lush green walls to work alongside the cedar panels. UV protected, our green panels are perfect for outdoor use as they are weatherproof and, won’t fade in strong sunlight. As we take environmental responsibility very seriously, our green walls are completely recyclable as well as helping to save resources such as water and, reduce the use of pesticides.

The resulting effect was a modern yet sophisticated seating area, privacy protected and surrounded by vibrant greenery and set on a foundation of beautiful natural stone. The client was so pleased that he’s already considering his next project in conjunction with Vistafolia® and London Stone.