Chic Green Walls

Chic Green Walls

Chic Artificial Green Walls Lisbon

For Office & Retail Complex Green Wall design concept

A stunning installation highlighting both aesthetic and functional attributes of the Vistafolia® solution. Located in one of Lisbon’s most expensive high streets, Avenida 252 is a chic property development hosting offices and retail stores. The huge 60m² suspended green wall was created from our signature panels, customised with grey foliage from our colour box to add depth and variation, and provided an eye-catching backdrop to the main reception area of this busy communal area. As the headquarters for a number of international businesses, their visitors first impressions were important, and our green walls was just the statement piece they were looking for.


The architect was looking for a unique way to conceal the infrastructure behind the reception desk, but was limited as nothing could be attached to the existing structure. To solve this, our reseller (Wonderwall) who represents us in Portugal created an aluminium frame to hold the panels, which was then suspended from the ceiling. Our lightweight panels – weighing around 7kg a panel – allowed this huge structure to be created, and because there was no need for a watering structure, as would have been required by a living wall system, no extra weight had to be considered. Vistafolia’s artificial living wall provided a vibrant and maintenance free solution that couldn’t be found anywhere else on the market.