Artificial Green Wall in Office reception

Green Wall

Green Walls Reading

Green Walls installation at Winnersh Triangle, just outside Reading, Berkshire, a large business estate, comprising of lots of companies at the top of their industry and at the cutting edge of technological advances. And what better way for them to make a great first impression upon your arriving staff and clients than to welcome them with a Vistafolia® wall in reception.

The business park decided to proceed with our products for a number of reasons. One reason was that they were able to come and see us at our ‘Green Wall’ R&D facility in Frimley and get a really great feel for how the wall would look. Our team were able to show them exactly how the system worked, as well as showing them all the different customisation options available. Another important factor was the best-in-class fire classification held by the product. Our Bs1d0 rating is designed to meet even the strictest of building control standards and leaves every customer with complete peace of mind. After all, no one should ever have to compromise on safety.


Having seen the customisation options, the client decided that one colour simply wasn’t enough and instead, took a mixture of the white and lavender options to make the eye-catching display full of bright and exciting foliage. Our colour boxes are easy to install, and the plants can be placed anywhere that takes your fancy, giving you a completely bespoke wall that can be updated or changed as the mood suits.

The wall was installed as part of ongoing fit out of the office space and the contractors on site were happy to be of any assistance they could when it came to preparing the wall for installation. Vistafolia’s experienced technical team worked closely with the on-site builders and provided expert advice and technical drawings showing exactly what was required. As part of our preparation, a member of our team also attended the site to check all requirements and advise as necessary.

Research has shown that a green wall can have a soothing effect and impact positively on mental health, even when the solution is artificial. So what better way to start your day than receiving a boost from enjoying the site of one of our completely realistic green walls. Countless hours have been spent perfecting the product and designing each individual plant to the smallest detail so that every customer gets the naturalistic look that sets us apart from the competition.

Vistafolias artificial green walls are based on a patent-pending 3-panel solution, minimising repetition and allowing for seamless transitions between panels. So whether you’re installing a small wall with a handful of panels or scaling up on a big project, you can rest assured that our system is designed to belie its imitative nature and give you a taste of nature that you’d never know wasn’t the real thing.