Airport Green Walls

Airport Green Walls

Airport Privacy Screening

Vistafolia’s green walls have always been the choice of brands and establishments who associate themselves with quality and excellence. Heathrow airport, Europe’s busiest in terms of passenger numbers, is one such example. Their VIP entrance to Terminal 5 was in need of something to make it stand out and offer clients something attractive to look at, offsetting the dull grey façade. Vistafolia stepped up to the plate, providing them with an artificial screening solution that provides year-round greening with an absolute minimum of maintenance.


There were a number of factors to consider when selecting a green wall for the airport’s decision makers. They needed a product that would stand up in the sunlight and not fade. Vistafolia’s commitment to strict UV testing and market-leading 5-year warranty gave them the complete peace of mind that they were looking for. It also needed to be realistic, as they did not want the customers to know that the wall was artificial. Our ingenious 3-panel system, carefully designed to blend at panel edges, allowed for an installation that is seamless and totally natural. The addition of extra planting from our lush green texture box added the element of randomness that is a feature of real walls.

Most importantly, the system needed to be robust and not be affected by the fume-filled microclimate that is prevalent in an airport of Heathrow’s size. A real wall would likely have struggled in this atmosphere, but Vistafolia’s Vistafolia panels are designed to stand up to whatever nature throws at them and can simply be hosed down to keep them free of dust and dirt deposits with nothing else required to keep them looking at their best.

Finally, the system had to be easy to install. A real wall would have required the laborious installation of an irrigation system, followed by the install of the plants. Conversely, Vistafolia’s easy-to-use fixing system allows for a hassle-free installation every time. The panels went up in one night, causing an absolute minimum of disruption, and the fixing system also allows for panels to be removed for cleaning or maintenance should the need arise.

Heathrow is just one of a huge number of internationally recognized brands that are seeing the benefits of challenging Vistafolia to suit their greening needs. Our meticulously designed artificial solutions allow clients all over the world to add an instant swathe of emerald to their space to rival the real thing all year round. So why not join our ever-growing family of completely satisfied customers?