Green Wall Screening

Green Wall Screening

Green Wall Screening Knightsbridge

Vistafolia® is the perfect decorative, screening and cladding solution for refreshing environments lacking natural light, where real planting is not feasible.

We heightened the elegant appeal of this chic Knightsbridge boutique with a beautiful green wall that clients could look out to while relaxing in the lower ground floor dressing room. The green wall created a lovely tapestry of greenery, featuring classic greens and delicate white flowers from our Colour Box selections to give a living effect. The light well area had been a problematic space, as the wall had to be kept bare because of lighting considerations. The unappealing outside wall was in sharp contrast to the sophisticated outlook of the boutique and needed refurbishment and an equally attractive design element.


Vistafolia® always steps up to the plate and provides unparalleled quality in artificial greening to fill those gaps where the real thing falls short. Yes, living green walls are beautiful, but they can often be laborious in their upkeep and costly to maintain. With Vistafolia, no ongoing maintenance is required, and there is no need for considerations to be made in regards to irrigation systems or pruning. The only problem our walls will give you is what to do with all that free time.

The owner of this elegant boutique in Kensington, London yearned to do something with their rear lightwell. The white brick was seldom as shiny as it once had been and an effective solution had to be sourced. A real wall would simply not have worked. As well as the reasons mentioned above, there is a need for natural light, something that this narrow lightwell didn’t afford the client. But with Vistafolia®, those needs simply don’t exist. Apart from a simple occasional hosing, the wall requires no sunlight and no water.