Bespoke Mobile Green Walls

Bespoke Mobile Green Walls

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At Vistafolia, we cannot resist a challenge and, every now and then, a client will surprise and delight us by asking for something completely different and unique. This was very much the case when a client recently asked us to create three of our Vistafolia walls – but with one important difference; the walls needed to be completely mobile.

The client’s premises housed a modern leisure and restaurant facility and it was important that they were able to switch up the design of their offices on a regular basis. The Vistafolia team was tasked with creating green walls that the client’s staff could easily move around the building to update the decor.


The team began by creating an aluminium frame which would form the framework of the artificial green walls. Our Vistafolia design gurus kept in mind the fact that the wall needs to be mobile and, as such, aluminium was chosen due to its lightweight nature. The next challenge was to figure out how the wall could be moved and so it was decided that adding wheels would be the easiest way. As it was felt that visible wheels would spoil the look of the wall, the team created a recessed base of powder-coated aluminium and created hollows at the bottom of the base, into which castor wheels were fitted. The result of this was that the base could be easily moved but the wheels were hidden from view. The aluminium frame was then connected to the recessed base and the team were then ready to install the Vistafolia panels.

Although the wall panels looked great, the client felt that a little colour in between the panels would add a fun touch and, so, the team decided to complement the walls with planters containing lush green foliage and vibrant orange flowers. Beginning with stylish gun-metal grey planters, the team were, again, aware that the display would need to be easily moved.

When placed together, the lush green walls and colour-pop planters create a fresh vibrant contrast to the building’s stark white walls and the client was delighted with the result. Not only does the client have the great-looking, mobile displays that were requested but, they also have the benefit of displays which are recyclable, fire retardant and environmentally friendly – as well as being almost zero maintenance!