Office Space Green Wall

Office Space Green Wall

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best ideas. When it comes to design, often less is more. And when approaching Vistafolia’s stunning green wall solutions, you don’t have to go mad to achieve amazing results.

The guys at Stack Real Estate in Lehi, Utah, were looking to bring a bit more character to their lobby, to make it more inviting for clients, as well as making the space more attractive for their valued employees, especially at a time when people may be more reluctant to return to their place of work. They didn’t want to break the bank, and instead wanted a simple design feature that would still have that wow effect to turn heads. Priding themselves on offering turnkey solutions for their clients, and are very particular about the businesses they work with, and so it was no surprise that they chose to work with the leaders in the industry on this project.


Working in conjunction with UpScapers, authorized distributors of Vistafolia based just outside Nashville, Tennessee, it was agreed that a horizontal strip of panels above the seating area would give the lobby a much-needed boost. Not only would it improve the view for those at the desk, but it’s the first thing that you see when you exit the lifts. It’s been well-documented that plants can have positive effects on people’s mental health, but perhaps less known is that artificial plants can also feed our primal attraction to foliage, known as biophilia, if they are real-looking enough. Because we’ve spent countless hours perfecting the design of each individual stem on each individual plant, as well as the planting layout on the panels, we know that our panels will do just that.

The solution for this office also needed to be low maintenance. In the fast-moving world of real estate, time is money, and so you don’t want to burden yourself with a need for watering and taking care of real plants. Vistafolia’s plant wall panels are perfect for these environments, as they don’t require any looking after, giving our clients more time to take care of the more important things in life.

The installation was very straightforward, meaning disruption to business operations was negligible. The team of experts at UpScapers take great pride in their work, ensuring that every installation is completed to the highest possible standards and every client is left with a smile on their face. The client couldn’t be happier with the results, stating that the green wall is a real head-turner.