Outdoor living wall by lit pink stairs

Outdoor Tropical Staircase

The Rise Of The Statement Stairway

Although our indoor and outdoor wall panels remain incredibly popular, we’re asked more and more frequently to work our magic on steps and staircases for public buildings and private residences. For too long, outdoor steps and staircases have been woefully ignored when it comes to décor, but it’s time to change all that. We’ve worked on a number of outdoor staircase projects including this installation in a private home to update a staircase leading to the property.

This beautiful Mediterranean styled home featured distinctive pink and white steps leading to the main house which our team felt was the perfect canvas for a little Vistafolia magic. A backdrop of our luxurious, tropical greenery was added to the staircase to add a sumptuous contrast to the warm pink brickwork, with abundance of colours with artificial green wall panels.


The team used our different lengths and shades of fauna to produce a naturally wild effect and then added delicate sprays of white flowers to break up the tone of the panels. Pretty white lights were then added to the base of the panels as a beautiful and practical way of providing illumination to the steps for night-time use. For a beautiful, final touch, further bright star-like lights were embedded into the panels, creating a magical effect for day and night. In a property as unique as this one, the team were delighted to be able to lend their expertise in creating a fairy-tale entrance to the building.

When working with stairs and steps, safety is, of course, of paramount importance. Maintenance on a real wall in this environment could have proved to be a difficult obstacle. And being weatherproof and with the highest quality lighting technology, our panels provide an all year-round low maintenance solution for a great looking and durable stairway which not only updates the property but offers a much smaller environmental footprint than natural vegetation.

Each aspect of the installation at the property was subject to our vigorous quality testing and is covered by our comprehensive ISO certification which is our quality promise to our valued customers. In addition to our own skilled and experienced team, we have a number of trusted affiliates across the globe to ensure consistent quality for our clients – wherever they may be.

Whether it’s the latest high-tech office or a holiday haven, we are committed to producing environments which look great and last.