Green wall Privacy Screen for Schools

Privacy Screen for Schools

Privacy Screening Inner City

Inner City Green Privacy Screening to Inspire Young Minds

Abercorn School, situated in the heart of London, is a prestigious establishment, dedicated to providing the very best for all its students. And as part of this dedication to excellence, only the finest in green walls would ever have been suitable for this attractive playground feature, designed to create an eye-catching contrast to the somewhat dated red brick boundary and break up the monotony of the grey facades of the surrounding buildings. Vistafolia’s experienced team of designers were tasked with creating something that worked within the budget that the school had in mind, while also creating a completely bespoke and interesting pattern to inspire the students. By breaking the wall up into sections, the team were able to propose coverage across the whole length of the wall, while keeping costs down by not covering it completely. By working carefully with the standard size of the Signature Panels, 80cm x 80cm, there was no cutting required and thus, no wastage, maximising the return on investment.


The installation needed to be completed out of hours so as not to interrupt the daily activities of the school. Given the size of the installation, one may have assumed that a wall this size may have required several visits to complete. Instead, Vistafolia’s purpose-built fixing allows for a simple installation onto virtually any surface, meaning that the whole project was completed in a single weekend by our expert team. Not only did this efficiency prevent any disruption to school operations, but the maintenance-free nature of the product means that not one minute of valuable time will need to be spent tending to the wall, leaving them to get on with the more important things in their day.

To avoid having a repetitive look, something that would immediately have given away the product’s artificial nature, the privacy screening finished install was enhanced using Vistafolia’s showstopping colour boxes. These boxes of foliage contain additional foliage in a variety of shapes and sizes and can not only be easily installed but customised as the mood takes as well. The school requested the Lush Green option for their wall, giving them extra bursts of bold textures to make the swathes of foliage come alive and burst from the panel.

Vistafolia’s unique and carefully designed green wall system allows anyone to create their own instant design feature in no time at all. The product has been vigorously tested to the highest international standards to ensure that it will stand up to anything that mother nature might throw at it. Our panels are manufactured to ISO9001 standards, ensuring a quality finish every single time and our dedication to our craft means that every wall is perfect.