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Rosebank Landscaping. Vistafolia® is proud to work with a variety of different clients, from businesses through to residential customers and we apply the same high standards to each project, whether its something small or an idea that’s complex and ambitious.

Using our products to transform an outdoor space, Matt Keightley designer from Rosebank Landscapes, an award-winning company expertly designed an outdoor area using our green panels. We worked with the client from the outset, finding out what they wanted to achieve from the project and how our panels could be used to fit in well with the surrounding natural greenery. We offered suggestions as to how they could be best used and worked with the client every step of the way to find out exactly what they needed.


We used the greenery panels to offer a unique, interesting and secluded outdoor area, that was a quiet and peaceful place for relaxation and contemplation. The artificial Privacy Screen green panels worked really well with the existing natural greenery and the combined expertise of the landscape design team and our technical specialists enabled the creation of a functional, inviting and beautiful outdoor area to be enjoyed by all.

On every project that we complete, just like the one with Rosebank Landscaping, we set very high standards. Not only in terms of the greenery products that we offer but our expertise that’s second to none and our customer service which has allowed us to build an extensive customer base. Every project offers something new with different spaces to work with and ideas in mind.

As our client Rosebank Landscaping found, the quality of our artificial living Vertical Garden greenery panels are ideal for placement in many different outdoor areas, and they are designed to offer maximum flexibility and versatility, allowing them to seamlessly blend into the natural surroundings. With our products, it’s very difficult to tell the difference between our foliage and natural plants and shrubs. It offers everything you would expect from natural greenery, without the maintenance.

Rosebank landscaping specialists are just one of the many companies who trust us to deliver on our products. We have worked with all kinds of professionals as well as landscapers, including interior designers and architects to transform indoor and outdoor spaces.

Offering practicality, elegance and convenience, we deliver products that offer real value whatever design project you have in mind. Will you be next to feature in our case studies?