Restaurant plant wall Privacy Screening

Privacy Screening

Green Walls Milan

Vistafolia® was commissioned to create beautiful bespoke artificial foliage privacy screens to complement the impressive modern interiors of Milan’s newest architectural landmark, the City Life Shopping District, designed by renowned firm Zaha Hadid Architects. The project underscores the trust leading and international brand names place on our outstanding product.

Enhancing the shopper’s journey through the development’s chic retail space, the foliage privacy screening serve as attractive demarcation between the food areas and pedestrian traffic, creating greenery focal points for the luxurious interiors.


The City Life Shopping Centre, composed of three levels, is part of a major, mixed-use complex in Milan’s centre, one of Europe’s largest redevelopment projects comprising architectural commissions from Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind and Arata Isozaki. The shopping centre, which opened in November, 2017, is Italy’s largest urban retail hub, with over 100 shops featuring leading and local brands. It is sited on Milan’s former trade fair grounds and is near the Tre Torri station on the metro’s M5 line. The interiors are characterised by curving bamboo shapes enveloping floor to ceiling in rhythmic ribbed patterns suggesting movement, fluidity and warmth. Natural lighting, free-flowing spaces and spacious lounge areas create a relaxing shopping experience. Vistafolia’s artificial foliage screens provide vibrant green wall feature privacy screens, and organic elements to complete the stunning interior design.

Vertical Gardens Milan

Fourteen foliage screens decorate various zones throughout the space. Our foliage was fitted around the irregularly-shaped, hollowed centre of the white framing, creating attractive greenery installations with a contemporary feel. The feature screens likewise added interest to the scheme and a softening effect to the crisp geometric features of the interior design. With its innovative features, technical design and quality manufacturing, Vistafolia® offered the client a fire-retardant, practical greening solution to enhancing the shopping centre’s interior space with privacy green wall panels. Our painstakingly detailed artificial living foliage that looks like and mimic the natural movements of living plants as well as easy-to-install modular system provide architects and interior designers with a highly versatile and creative design application for creating stunning Vertical Garden plant displays on both interior and exterior spaces. The City Life project illustrates how Vistafolia®, an innovative, global brand, works with like-minded international brand names to build better environments with a natural look, maximising creative greening possibilities for any space. Vistafolia® is an excellently flexible solution suitable for all kinds of commercial developments. Our dynamic and forward-looking product, rooted in the UK’s horticultural heritage, our technical excellence and creative leadership is a perfect fit for leading brands with uncompromising design, technical and quality standards.