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Fulham Garden Showroom. We are always looking for ways to bring our products closer to customers so they can see, feel and experience the quality of our greenery panels. A beautiful setting was created in The Garden Builders Facility in Fulham where our wall panels were expertly incorporated into an outdoor space. It can sometimes be difficult to see what something will look like from a picture or a video so that’s why we came up with the idea of using the Fulham studio. Once installed, the panels give customers an excellent idea of what the product looks like in a real outdoor setting, while allowing them to experience the quality of the product, its texture and colour as well as being able to decide whether it would be a good fit for their home or business. The showroom is designed to give commercial and domestic customers an idea of what a green wall will look like, whatever the application, whether it’s used for a long corridor or a little corner of a shady kitchen.


When customers visit our showroom in Fulham, they can learn more about the product and what it can do for their outdoor spaces while discovering the benefits that it can bring. Our panels are incredibly versatile, and they feature UV technology which prevents them from fading when they are out in the sun for long periods of time. They are designed with withstand all weathers and blend in with the natural environment. As well as the UV protection they feature 100% pure colour pigments giving them a lush green colour and making them incredibly realistic screen. What’s more, the green panels can also be used in so many different ways and they have so much flexibility, in that they can be shaped around curved surfaces or cover edges very well and provide privacy.

Customer Service Where It Counts

The Garden Builders team have been extensively trained in the application of Vistafolia® panels and our customer service is second to none. They are able to advise on the practicalities of the installation, provide an accurate quote and outline some of the best features and benefits of the product so you can make an informed decision. Open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, we welcome customers to our showroom where you can experience for yourself the quality of our Vistafolia® panels.

Vistafolia® Results. The space that we created for the showroom was a beautiful combination of different elements including the Corten steel water feature which complements our green wall panels. Everything you would need and expect from a garden can be found right here.