Private Garden Green Wall

Private Garden Green Wall

Private Garden Green Wall

Landtech Landscapes in the North West of England are experienced landscapers with a great reputation. Led by Daniel Baron, who himself gained a wealth of experience working for one of the country’s leading landscape gardeners, they’ve been transforming and beautifying gardens for over 15 years. This beautiful garden in Preston, Lancashire, was the culmination of months of hard work by their team. Using only the very best quality materials available, including some purchased through Vistafolia’s partners at London Stone, what was once an uninspiring area was transformed into the sort of garden that would quickly make someone the envy of their neighbours.

The client had requested some greenery to back the stunning water feature and was keen to use a living wall. But the positioning of the areas would have made them impossible to access to maintain and would have required a costly irrigation system. Plus, because of the intricacies of a living wall system, having 4 panels working independently would likely have proven to be a logistical nightmare.

And thus, Vistafolia’s lush green wall panels were chosen, as they don’t require any maintenance, can be installed without an irrigation system, and can be adapted to virtually any size and shape without taking up too much precious space. The client was thrilled to have this an alternative, and with it looking as realistic and natural as a real wall, no one will ever know the difference.


With the build taking a long time to perfect, it was crucial that the green wall solution was not going to take an age to install. Unlike a living green wall which can be painstaking and time consuming, as well as requiring time for the plants to ‘settle’, our panels are effortless to install. Our clever and unique fixing system allows for a simple install onto most surfaces and allowed the landscapers to complete this part of the project in a matter of hours. Once up, the lush foliage is ready to impress straight away, giving the garden that extra wow factor.

Not only do the panels create an instant design feature, but they’re also completely UV tested and certified, meaning that the panels will look as good in years to come as they did on the day they were installed. Our 5-year warranty protects our clients and ensures that every single is guaranteed to receive quality, longevity and safety with our products.

Whether you’ve got a great expanse of wall to cover, or you’re simply looking to add the finishing touches to your project, Vistafolia is the green wall of choice of not just private clients, but internationally recognisable names as well. With global brands such as Dior, Saga and Hilton Hotels choosing to go down the Vistafolia path, you can rest assured that our artificial green walls are the very best money can buy.