Fine Dining with an Alfresco feel with Vistafolia Wall

Restaurant Green Wall, Portugal

Restaurant Interior Design

While it is true that Vistafolia simply loves to get involved in the design process when it comes to green walls, we’re equally at home when we simply have to supply our panels for a project that has been designed by an equally talented mind. This restaurant in Vilamoura on the Algarve in Portugal was crying out for a redesign and makeover. As part of the fresh new stylish image design proposed by Andringa & Lacasta, an greenery was proposed.

Wonderwall, based in Lisbon and Vistafolia’s trusted local partner in Portugal, supplied and fitted the panels in less than a day to give an instant design feature to breathed life into the restaurant, refreshing the surround for all patrons to enjoy. They were also involved in the design process to make things as simple as possible for the client.


A real living wall would not have been practical in this instance. The restaurant owner did not wish to create the unnecessary ongoing expenditure that a real wall entails with its need for continual watering, chemicals and maintenance. Instead, they sought an artificial solution that would give their customers the illusion of real foliage without any of the hassle. Vistafolia’s bold textures makes it seem as if the panels are bursting from the wall, with swathes of ferns, grasses and other plants belying their artificial nature and creating a 3D texture that really does rival nature.

Our easy to use fixing system allows for a straightforward installation onto virtually any surface, but with the added bonus that the panels can be easily removed should the need ever arise. This wall was then finished with one of our lush green texture boxes. These boxes of beautifully lifelike plants add a random element to the planting matrix, further mimicking the behavior and growth patterns of a real wall. The painstaking design of the panels has already been taken care of, so the addition of these color box plants is your chance to get creative and suit your individual tastes. Furthermore, the plants can be swapped and changed as the mood takes, giving the restaurant the ability to adapt to the seasons.

Through their careful, deliberate choice of concealed lighting, the designers were able to give customers the feeling of being outside. The seemingly natural light creates an impression of being outside in the sunshine come rain or shine.

Vistafolia’s panels bring a breath of fresh air to any environment, whether indoor or outdoor, and can be adapted to any shape or size your heart desires. Why not get in touch to see how we can create your urban oasis, indoor centerpiece or calming work of art.