Indoor Green Wall Hotel

Indoor Green Wall Hotel

Indoor Green Wall Design

The hospitality sector is big business and it’s all about offering your client the very best in service and experience. Vistafolia’s attractive design solutions were the perfect fit to refurbish the courtyard inside the Royal National Hotel in London. Our extremely realistic artificial green wall added a seemingly random pattern of natural colour to the atrium inside the well-known hotel on Russell Square, softening the existing concrete space and updating the 70’s aesthetic.

We transformed the courtyard of this newly refurbished hotel into a stunning design set piece. Guests now look out to a truly inspiring view of luxuriant foliage, in a bright and pleasant area where they can enjoy their morning coffee or afternoon tea.


Vistafolia’s replica green wall panels transformed an uninteresting wall with our sumptuous greenery, customised with bursts of lavender, creating a stunning focal point visible from 100 yards away as guests approach the reception desk. This open-air space allows customers to enjoy a quiet coffee or afternoon tea in the tranquillity of an intimate outside space.

With the courtyard being exposed to the elements, it was important that the green wall would stand up to the changeable London weather. Our lightweight privacy panels allow water to percolate behind them, preventing issues with damp. The synthetic plants also have an advantage over living plants, in that they don’t require the same level of maintenance or space. Living plants would need frequent care, and many would struggle to survive in the low light levels of this internal courtyard. Our custom panels fit snugly against the wall and require no watering system or planning permission to install, making them the ideal solution to update this reception area.

The hotel courtyard was designed by a young and contemporary design company who gave the whole space a new lease of life. With a swift one-day installation, this transformation was quick as well as cost effective. This instant, low-cost solution transformed the character of the hotel, taking its interiors beyond the ordinary and giving it a modern and sleek finish to entice customers.