The Social House green wall pane

The Social House

The Social House Outdoor Green Wall

Africa is a fast-emerging global market, and Kenya is a great example of a country that is making the most of the potential for tourism and letting visitors see the beauty that it has to offer. The Social House in Nairobi is one of many establishments feeling the benefit of this economic boom and what better way to make themselves stand out from the rest than with the addition of a beautiful artificial green wall from Vistafolia. The thin strips of green wall add a nice finishing touch to the building façade, without becoming overpowering and covering such a vast area that it would become financially impractical.

The hotel architects approached us with a design idea because they had seen our installation at the Sheraton at Nairobi Airport, but also because there simply wasn’t anything available on the local market that stood up to scrutiny and would leave them with a realistic artificial green wall. A natural plant wall wasn’t suitable because of the amount of maintenance required and the heights of foliage involved. Vistafolia was the perfect solution for them because our ISO9001 accreditation meant that there wouldn’t be any issues with importing into Kenya, a country with strict codes in place for incoming products.


Because it would have been impractical to send a team to install the wall, it was crucial that the whole process as simple as possible for the installers. Not only did our design team take care of all the visuals and provide the client with renderings of how the finished install would look, but our installation team pre-cut and pre-dressed the panels at our base in Frimley, boxed them up and supplied them to the hotel, ready to be installed, making the whole process completely straightforward. The installation went very smoothly, and the client was hugely grateful for the assistance from our end.

Vistafolia Panels have been designed to the minutest detail, with planting patterns very carefully thought through to ensure a totally natural looking green wall every single time. And our commitment to testing means that our replica green wall panels are fully certified for both UV and Fire. On the project, the UV protection was a must as it means the panels will stand up to the warm climate of equatorial-Africa and not fade as quickly as other products might. The fire certification also means that the client gets complete peace of mind and the panels meet all building regulations.

Vistafolia truly is a global brand and is the green wall of choice for clients around the world. We can ship our green wall products to anywhere that they are needed, and we have an ever-growing number of trusted partners and resellers in territories across the globe. Why not get in touch about your next project today?