UV Green Walls

UV Green Walls

UV Outdoor Artificial Green Walls

Vistafolia was tasked with bringing some visual interest to this outdoor corridor adjacent to some flats in Fulham, London. While the designer had given some consideration to a living green wall, it was quickly ruled out on the grounds of cost and ongoing maintenance. And so, instead, Vistafolia was the perfect alternative solution. Our ultra-realistic green foliage panels, made up of 72 plants per grid, work beautifully in the space, bringing bright, vibrant colours to an otherwise sterile space.

Vistafolia’s green wall panels are at home in any environment, so this narrow space with little sunlight was no obstacle. Even on a wall with full sun, our artificial foliage stands up to the test. Having undertaken rigorous UV testing to the highest possible standards, we know that our products will not be affected by the sunlight for years to come, and nor will they see any adverse effects from the wind, rain or snow. Not only are they tested for UV capability, but fire resistance as well. The panels are fully certified to the highest possible standards available, giving every customer complete peace of mind and ensuring the safety of everyone.


The customer wanted to bring some extra colour to the installation, and what better what than with our range of exciting colour box options. The soft lavender was chosen by the client, and bursts of purple now adorn the wall and grab your attention. Each box contains enough artificial foliage to cover approximately 10 panels and can be used in any combination, or even changed from season to season to keep things fresh.

The client was also very keen to find a solution that would be easy to install so as not to disturb the tenants of the flats. Our panels are very straightforward to work with and don’t require any specialist tools or training. The team on site were able to complete the instant design feature in one single day, meaning absolute minimal disruption.

Our faux green walls are suited to anywhere that your imagination takes you. Whether indoor or outdoor, large or small, residential or commercial, any project can benefit from some ultra-realistic greenery. Why not get in touch with us today and see how your space can be enhanced with one of our beautiful green walls.