Vertical Green Walls

Vertical Green Walls

Artificial Vertical Green Walls Portugal

Simulating A Home Garden with our Vertical Green Walls. When popular television program, 24 Kitchen, contacted us to help with their TV studio set, we were delighted to accept the challenge. 24 Kitchen is a television channel dedicated to all things foodie and is broadcast throughout Europe. We were invited to create a house patio for the set of Kitchen With Twist which is presented by beloved Portuguese presenter, Filipa Gomes.

In Kitchen With Twist, Filipa shows viewers how to prepare simple Portuguese and international dishes with fresh, affordable ingredients and more than a dash of her unique and entertaining personality. For summer inspired broadcasting, the producers of Kitchen With Twist wanted their TV set to feature a bright and airy patio effect. As the studio is based in Portugal, our team contacted our Portuguese distributor, Wonderwall, to assist with the project.


As Filipa is an extremely vibrant and colorful person, it was decided that the set should be kept simple in order to keep her as the focal point. Beginning with a basic set of raw brick walls and wooden decking, Wonderwall added panels of foliage to a couple of the walls of the set to simulate a vertical garden hedge. Using the signature panels which have different shapes and lengths, the team created a natural looking green wall effect which contrasted beautifully with adjacent brick walls. During the filming, Filipa was to be shown on the patio using a cooking trolley and so, the set was designed so that both the green wall and brick wall were visible behind her for a clean, fresh and pleasing aesthetic.

Vistafolia’s panels were perfect for 24 Kitchen’s needs – due to their versatility and easy maintenance, the team were able to easily transport and install the panels onto the TV set with the minimum of fuss in order to allow the producers to plan the show. The quality of Wonderwall’s panels was extremely important for this project as, the studio’s bright lights meant that the greenery needed to be as natural looking as possible. Some lower quality green walls can, unfortunately, look overly ‘plasticky’ under the glare of studio lighting.

Not just for TV. The panels used for the 24 Kitchen set created a lush and natural garden effect and, as our lives become increasingly busy, more and more people are choosing this sustainable, low maintenance option for their homes. Vistafolia with our representative Wonderwall in Portugal, are experts at creating refreshing green environments for the home in order to produce a relaxing atmosphere which helps to promote wellbeing.

The benefits of artificial turf and foliage are plentiful – not only do they look great but they’re also great for our planet. Helping our environment by cutting down on water waste and harmful pesticides.

Our quality control is second to none – which means that every panel is durable, fire resistant and comes with our ISO certification for extra peace of mind. All of our partners are carefully chosen to ensure that they are on board with our ethos when it comes to quality, durability and sustainability.

Dedicated to creating beautiful and functional environments for work, rest and play, we work tirelessly to meet the evolving needs of our clients and provide high quality work, with outstanding customer service – at affordable prices.