Increasing Property Value In A Multi-Family Residential Area

Increasing Property Value In A Multi-Family Residential Area

Increased Popularity In Artificial Green Walls.

Artificial Green Walls are becoming an ever-growing trend in the USA and that is with good reason. There are many benefits that artificial green walls offer and they provide solutions that very few alternatives can match. Vistafolia is no different. In fact, Vistafolia is the market leading artificial green wall on the market for both its striking ultra-realistic aesthetic and it’s more practical features such as ease of installation, customization options and best-in-class safety. They are becoming especially popular in Multi-Family properties in recent years for a variety of reasons.

Vistafolia Green Wall Panels For Your Multi-Family Property.

The Vistafolia panels are viewed as a truly bold, vibrant and colorful addition to any property. The artificial green wall helps to beautify the property, helping it to stand out as a potential future home for couples and families, especially in a multi-family residential complex. The aesthetic properties of the Vistafolia artificial green wall panels help to add value to a property because of how it can beautify the surrounding substrates; helping it to differentiate itself from properties within a close of proximity and adding a unique feature that other properties simply do not have. This in turn makes your property more sought after for prospective buyers.

Benefits Of Vistafolia For A Multi-Family Property.

Here at Vistafolia, we have worked with and continue to work with property developers all across the United States who feel confident in Vistafolia and continue to invest capital into these artificial green walls. This is because they see the long-term benefits of Vistafolia artificial green wall panels, ultimately seeing the returns in revenue at the end of the day. Vistafolia is a solution to offering green walls for when natural life cannot simply grow, therefore being the next best alternative. 84% of residents look for signs of natural life in their new home and artificial green walls tick that box.

Having a great view within a residential multi-family neighborhood can be scarce, especially in a built-up, urban area. Therefore, the demand of a lovely view can be high because it is found so few and far between. A great view from a property can actually increase the value of the property by 9-12% depending on the level of elevation the property has. Therefore, with a large multi-family complex, you could potentially increase the value of all the properties that face the Vistafolia artificial green wall panels that scale your property’s wall. As with hospitality; people prefer rooms or properties with a view and are therefore willing to pay a premium for it. These are the most sought after properties which often fetch a higher price due to the higher demand.

Technical Benefits To A Multi-Family Property.

Vistafolia artificial green wall panels require little to no maintenance due to the research, development and design that goes into these panels. They are designed to withstand the direct sunlight and UV rays for a minimum of 5 years and their technical properties means that they do not aid to the spread of flames, which deem it safe to use in residential areas. The requirement of maintenance, or lack of, means that this adds no additional cost to the service charge of the multi-family residence which makes it an even more lucrative addition to the property.


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