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Living Walls vs. Artificial Walls: 6 Points That You Should Definitely Consider

Let’s make one thing clear from the start. Our mission at Vistafolia is not to rid the world of real living walls. Rather, we want to offer an alternative to customers who may not be able to have a living green wall for any number of reasons. Costs, availability of adequate growing conditions and access can all be major prohibiting factors when it comes to a green wall and at Vistafolia we want to ensure that everyone can get the look that they want in any circumstances by overcoming these obstacles.

To help our customers make an informed choice it is important that they understand some of the benefits that Vistafolia’s artificial green wall product has over real living walls.

  • Cost – While the cost of living wall can vary depending on the specifics of the product, it is important to note that the cost does not stop at the point of purchase. Factors need to be considered such as ongoing water and chemical requirements, the cost of installing the irrigation system and the costs involved in replacing any plants that die. The frequency of maintenance visits will be dictated by the size and location of the wall, but this also needs to factor into the initial costings. Vistafolia’s replica green wall panels do not have any additional costs associated with them. Quite simply, the price you pay to buy the wall is the only cost.
  • Longevity – Our product is sold with a 5-year warranty because of all the rigorous testing we undertake to ensure the product is built to last, including UV, fire and freeze/thaw. Real walls however cannot be sold with such a warranty. Even the keenest of horticulturalist cannot make a real wall last forever, even in ideal growing conditions. Eventually plants will outgrow the system and need replacing. Vistafolia’s artificial green wall panels give customers complete peace of mind, even in the harshest climates. We’ve installed in some of the warmest places on Earth and not once have we had comeback because of colour fade.
  • Maintenance – As mentioned, real walls need constant maintaining: watering, chemicals, pruning. Our artificial green walls are virtually maintenance free. We recommend a light hosing for outdoor walls and a light dusting for indoor walls to keep them free from the build-up of dirt and dust and have them looking their best. The frequency of this depends on the location but is a considerably less arduous task than the round the clock care that a living green wall requires.  
  • Location – Some locations simply do not lend themselves to a green wall. Weather is major factor, with extreme hot or cold climates being unsuitable for real plants. Even in ideal growing climates, real walls can become burned out if exposed to constant direct sunlight. And then there are clients who want to have a wall inside. Internal green walls can be hard to maintain, especially if sunlight is limited. Vistafolia’s green wall panels are the perfect solution to overcome suitability. Our green walls can be, and have been, installed virtually anywhere without the need for any natural resources.
  • Substrate Suitability – There are very few surfaces where we cannot install an artificial green wall. The lightweight panels are equally at home on a concrete wall or garden fence and installed with a minimum of fuss. We’ve even installed product onto glass! But the same cannot be said for living walls. Irrigation systems can be cumbersome and if the surface is not strong enough to hold the amount of weight involved, the system simply will not work. 
  • Timescales – In the 21st century we are becoming more and more used to having things straight away. A lot of our customers are looking for a product that is ready to go straight away and with artificial plants, that is exactly what they can expect. As soon as the wall is up, it is ready to be admired. With real walls it is possible that the plants will need time to grow into their fully sized form before the look is complete. Some will be happy to wait, but others simply don’t want that hassle.

In short, it is clear to see that there are a number of factors at play when it comes to choosing the right green wall, be it living or artificial. At Vistafolia, our green walls are designed to minimise fuss and overcome some of the obstacles that might present themselves when you are looking at a living solution.

Need more info? Still not convinced? Contact our team today and find out why Vistafolia’s faux green wall are the right product for you.

an artificial green wall installation by a swimming pool in California


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