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What is a living wall?

A living wall is a vertical garden that offers a new dimension to an unused space. Whether you are looking to re-invent a small space within your home; or you are looking to really upscale your commercial property; Vistafolia offer the world’s number 1 artificial green wall system.

Our Artificial living walls are ultra-realistic, packed with a variety of foliage to give it a lush, vibrant look. Vistafolia Artificial Living walls are easy to install with our state-of-the-art fixings. Complimented by a variety of Colour boxes that give your artificial living wall more colour and depth.

Lastly, our walls are designed to last. With world-leading Fire and UV certificates, they are safe to use in any environment and their longevity is unmatched. They require very little maintenance, just a little bit of dusting or a light hosing to keep up appearances. Because of this, the artificial living walls are very versatile and can be used for households, gardens, retail, commercial, healthcare and much more. For more information on our Vistafolia Artificial Living Walls, visit our About Us page.

Vistafolia Artificial Green Walls require very little to no maintenance. That’s the benefit of an artificial green wall. Living walls obviously require watering and maintenance over time due to growth and seasonal changes. However, because Vistafolia’s panels and designed and developed to last, all that would need require (if you choose to do so) is the occasional dusting internally and externally and a light hose down just to get rid of any wind borne debris over the years. Ultimately, it means you can go on extended holidays worry free and your Vistafolia Artificial Living Wall will be exactly how you left it! More information on how you can clean your Vistafolia panels can be found here.
Our Vistafolia Artificial Living Walls are fully UV tested and certified and therefore are able to sustain UV (Ultraviolet) radiation in even the warmest environments. We are the market leaders when it comes to our durability of UV within our green walls. UV radiation is the energy produced by the sun that we unfortunately cannot see but it can have damaging effects on certain plastics. Rival products don’t have the same UV certifications as Vistafolia and therefore their products aren’t as UV stable as ours and the vast majority cannot evidence any form of testing certification. UV degredation is cumulative so it sadly does not just come and go. Don’t worry though, UV radiation does not cause any harmful damage to our living walls, which is why we warranty them for 5 years, longer than any other product on the market.

Different artificial green wall panels will be made from different materials but the majority of products are made from polyethylene. Some others may be made from silk, or something else entirely. Some may also consider things like moss or preserved plants to fall under this category. 

Vistafolia is made from polythylene using our own unique formula, developed by our in-house R&D team. The actual make-up of this formula is constantly being reviewed and enhanced. We’re currently working on developing a bio-polymer with which to make our products. You can find more information on this project here.

Sadly no artificial living wall on the market is fireproof. However, Vistafolia’s artificial living wall is fire retardant. This means that the wall does not contain any properties that aid in the spread of fire and thus are perfectly safe to use. We test to the highest standards on the market to ensure all of our products are suitable for any environment. If you’re shopping around, make sure to ask the supplier for a copy of their test certification as some may not have tested at all, or may provide evidence that is not relevant to the product.

The time it takes for you to receive your Vistafolia order depends on a few different variables. Shipping may be as fast as next day delivery for a few panels but larger orders may take slightly longer. The ease of access to the location may also affect timescale eg. distance from distributor, living in a rural environment with little infrastructure etc.

If you would like a better understanding on how long your order will get to you, give us a call and speak to our wonderful sales team and they can give you a better indication and can also make any special arrangements to help fit around your schedule. Call us on 02073851020 or drop us an email at info@vistafolia.com.

Here at Vistafolia, we put the customer first. Very rarely, our product may miss the mark and therefore we are very happy to accept returns for the product if it is faulty. If you need to return parts of your order for any reason, please get in touch straight away and our team of experts will be able to assist you.

Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to cover the cost of returning the product to Vistafolia.

Yes, Vistafolia do deliver outside of the UK. We actually deliver anywhere in the world. However, please note that the delivery costs will vary with each order depending on certain factors including but not limited to:

  • Quantity
  • Location

Please do get in touch with our fantastic sales team and they can help you navigate these costs so that you aren’t paying over the odds. You can reach them on +442073851020.

Address: Unit 6, Trade City, Lyon Way, Frimley, Camberley, United Kingdom

Yes we offer a nationwide installation service. You can find out more here or you can email us on info@vistafolia.com or call us at 02073851020 and discuss your requirements with our team of green wall experts

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