Masterchef Logo Green Wall

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Masterchef TV Set in Portugal

MasterChef Lisbon and the Art of a Stunning Green Wall

In the ever-evolving world of design, Vistafolia® has firmly established itself as the go-to solution for creative applications of artificial green walls. Renowned for our quality and simple yet stylish functionality, Vistafolia® has become the choice of top-tier brands seeking to enhance their physical spaces with a touch of greenery.

A Feast for the Eyes: MasterChef Lisbon’s Green Wall

MasterChef, the beloved and long-running television cooking show, has not only tantalized our taste buds but also captivated our visual senses with a unique integration of a Vistafolia® green wall. In its Lisbon edition, the iconic MasterChef logo—a small letter “m” encircled by a stove coil—finds a striking new home against a backdrop of lush, circular greenery set against a wood-paneled wall. The logo appears to float, bathed in uplit brilliance, casting a visual spell.

What this project underscores is the sheer versatility of Vistafolia’s artificial green wall panels. These panels are engineered to be the canvas for your creative expression. They provide endless opportunities to craft unique, custom designs that fit seamlessly into your space. The gridlines on the panels allow for precise cutting, ensuring that even the most irregular spaces can be adorned with these vibrant faux green walls.

Practicality Meets Aesthetics: A MasterChef Solution

Artificial green wall panels are a practical, cost-effective choice when you need to infuse environments with a natural look that living plants might struggle to provide. The MasterChef branding required a backdrop that could encapsulate the essence of their logo, evoking passion and the art of cooking. Achieving this with real plants would have been unfeasible, as they demand constant care, sunlight, and water, or complex and expensive artificial lighting.

In this case, Vistafolia® was the perfect solution. The installation was swift, requiring just the attachment of panels to the surface using our easy tap and screw fixing system. These panels can be adapted to fit the most unique spaces, and in this instance, they were artfully curved to fill the circular shape that is now the hallmark of MasterChef Lisbon’s branding.

The result is an enticing display that radiates warmth and energy, a vivid reflection of the culinary passion and creative spirit the show embodies.

A Legacy of Green Excellence

Originally gracing the screens of the BBC from 1990 to 2001, MasterChef has grown into a global phenomenon, broadcast in over 35 countries and watched by millions. This reality TV cooking competition features amateur chefs vying for culinary stardom, with celebrity chefs as judges.

Vistafolia®, born out of a need expressed by design and landscaping professionals, offers a low-maintenance alternative to traditional living green walls. Our founder, Paul Alder, a horticultural expert with over three decades of experience, engineered Vistafolia® to be the global leader in artificial green wall solutions. We’ve carefully eliminated the unsightly lines that often mar living green walls, ensuring that our faux green walls offer seamless, lush greenery that captures the depth and abundance of nature.

MasterChef Lisbon’s green wall is a testament to Vistafolia’s commitment to enhancing spaces through the beauty of lifelike artificial greenery. If you’re searching for innovative solutions to transform your space, contact us today. Unleash your creative vision and explore the endless possibilities that Vistafolia® can bring to your environment.


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