Showroom interior design with artificial living wall

PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Roche Bobois Showroom, Arizona, USA.

Elevating Showroom Elegance: Vistafolia’s Ongoing Partnership with Roche Bobois

At Vistafolia, we treasure the connections we build with our clients, and the opportunity to collaborate on new projects is always met with enthusiasm. In this remarkable case, our returning client was none other than the esteemed French furniture designer, Roche Bobois. Their second commission brought us to the sun-soaked landscapes of Scottsdale, Arizona, where we were entrusted with the task of crafting breathtaking greenery displays for their prestigious showroom.

A Beacon of Design Innovation

Roche Bobois is synonymous with design innovation, renowned for curating contemporary showcases that make a bold impact, perfectly complementing their luxury furniture collections. This continued collaboration speaks volumes about the standards we uphold at Vistafolia – an epitome of superior quality and design excellence. As the pinnacle of greenery craftsmanship, Vistafolia stands as the sole brand in its category capable of meeting Roche Bobois’ exacting design and technical requisites.


Unveiling Nature’s Elegance: Scottsdale’s Green Oasis

Nestled within the Scottsdale, Arizona showroom, Vistafolia unveiled towering floor-to-ceiling green backdrops, serving as both a stunning visual accent and a perfect backdrop to Roche Bobois’ contemporary furniture marvels. Tailored to perfection, these green walls featured bursts of our Soft Lavender plants, carefully selected from our Colour Box range, infusing vibrant shades that harmoniously enhanced the showroom’s bright, blue-toned collection. Furthermore, the introduction of flowers from our Delicate Whites Colour Box added an exquisite touch of floral elegance to the verdant tapestry.

A Green Oasis in West Hollywood

The collaboration extended beyond Scottsdale, reaching the captivating streets of West Hollywood. Here, Vistafolia and Roche Bobois partnered to create striking free-standing green walls within the spacious showroom. This innovative presentation allowed visitors to envision the opulent furniture designs within an equally enchanting natural realm.

A Tapestry of Imagination

Roche Bobois’ showrooms aren’t just spaces to display furniture; they are gateways to creativity and design possibilities. Our premium vertical displays present clients with a refreshing, natural aesthetic that beautifully contrasts and complements the abstract shapes and sleek lines of contemporary furniture. The harmonious interplay sparks imagination, encouraging clients to envision the transformative power of Vistafolia’s artificial green wall solutions within their own living and working spaces.

Seamless Flexibility in Design

Vistafolia’s design versatility and scalability perfectly align with the dynamic demands of design showrooms. With ever-evolving seasonal schedules and diverse collections, our signature panels offer a seamless blend of ease and customization. Swift installations, coupled with bespoke Colour and Texture Box selections, allow us to craft walls that mirror an array of styles and moods.

Roche Bobois: A Legacy of Distinctive Design

Roche Bobois’ enduring legacy in furniture design is a testament to their commitment to providing customers with expressive, distinctive pieces. From the iconic Mah Jong sofa, an epitome of timeless design, to a global network of over 225 showrooms, Roche Bobois remains the ultimate authority in luxury and tasteful furniture.

As we continue to nurture this collaboration, Vistafolia takes pride in contributing to Roche Bobois’ enchanting showroom narratives. Together, we create immersive spaces that celebrate the synergy between nature’s allure and contemporary design sophistication. If you’re eager to explore the transformative magic of Vistafolia within your own spaces, or if you’re curious about the unique essence that sets our green walls apart, don’t hesitate to connect with our team of experts. Your design journey awaits, where innovation and elegance converge in lush harmony.


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