The pros of an artificial green wall

Pros of an Artificial Green Wall

An artificial plant wall has a lot to offer any environment, not just when it comes to aesthetics but atmosphere too. Not only will an artificial green wall look great and bring all the benefits of plant life into the space where you place it but it also requires minimal maintenance and has a shelf life that means it will often outlast a green wall made from live plants. If you’re keen to improve spaces in your home or office then an artificial green wall could be a great choice. These are just some of the reasons why you might consider one.

Artificial Green Wall an instant boost to your environment

An artificial green wall will have an instant impact wherever you place it. There is no need to wait for the plants in the wall to develop or grow as they arrive fully formed and ready to be appreciated. Artificial plants last much longer too – you may find with a live wall that plants die or wilt depending on the conditions but an artificial green wall looks great 24/7 in both the short and long term.

Simple to care for

Artificial plants aren’t fussy when it comes to conditions and care – they don’t require a specific light or lots of maintenance. You’ll get all the benefits of a green wall without the need to invest in looking after the plants. They can be placed anywhere, as they are much less temperamental than real plants and this means that you’ll have a much wider range of options when it comes to choosing locations for installing an artificial green wall. Looking after the artificial plants in a green wall is really easy – all you have to do is wipe down the leaves so that they don’t get dusty.

A great option if cost is a consideration

The cost effective nature of an artificial green wall makes this a really popular choice, not just with respect to initial up front costs but in the longer term too. Some of the costs that you won’t need to think about with an artificial green wall include the ongoing expense of maintenance and the cost of replacing any plants in the wall that might die if they were live.

A healthier space – and no pests

With artificial plants you won’t get the benefits that some live plants can offer when it comes to cleaning the air but you will still be able to enjoy the wellbeing advantages of having more greenery around. This can include a wide range of positives, from introducing more of a sense of calm to helping to improve productivity. If you choose an artificial green wall then you will also be pest free – which can be especially useful if you’re planning to put the green wall indoors. The plants won’t attract any insects or bugs and won’t need to be treated for pests.

From simplicity of maintenance to providing a great boost to any space there are lots of pros to choosing to install an artificial green wall.


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