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The top benefits of fire rated artificial green walls

Fire safety is always a priority when you’re considering design, both for exteriors and interiors. However, this doesn’t have to come at the expense of aesthetics. Fire rated artificial green walls are made using fire retardant artificial plants that look incredibly realistic and bring a swathe of nature into any space. There are a lot of benefits to opting for fire rated artificial green walls wherever you’re looking to place one.

Vistafolia’s long standing commitment to testing means that our Bs1d0 fire rating makes all of our products completely safe to use in any environment, indoor or outdoor. Here’s why we’re so passionate about making sure the products you buy from us are tested to ensure safety at every step.

Safety first

Artificial plants with fire retardant properties help ensure peace of mind when you’re creating a space, whether that’s indoors or out. Especially if the artificial green wall is likely to be placed close to anything like a candle flame, fireplace or heat source, you can rest assured that an artificial plant is a considerably lower risk. It’s also much more likely to withstand damage than real plants, whether that is from fire or another source, such as a fluid spillage or being crushed.

Minimal maintenance

Fire rated artificial green walls are simple to install and once they’re up there is very little left to do to enjoy them all year round. You don’t need to consider a schedule of maintenance for these green walls and there’s no need to worry about replacing plants that don’t grow – as you would with a live green wall – or ensuring that you’re tending to the foliage properly. You don’t even have to water these plants. All that is required is to dust down the leaves every now and again to ensure that they are looking at their best.

A robust option that is visually stunning all year round

Fire rated artificial green walls don’t require specific conditions to thrive. You don’t have to think about humidity or whether there is enough light to encourage growth or whether the climate in the space where you want to place the artificial green walls will suit the foliage that you want to use. In fact, you can place fire rated artificial green walls anywhere and they will ‘thrive.’ Seasonality is also not an issue – you don’t need to wait for the time period in which the plants in the green wall will flower to really enjoy it as this will be the case all year round.

Realistic and versatile

There are considerable limitations that come with a live green wall – or any live plants for that matter. With a fire rated artificial green wall there are many more options no matter where you want to place it. Perhaps you want to bring a splash of green to a reception area that is often draughty in winter due to the doors opening and closing – or a conference room that gets hot in summer – neither is a problem when you opt for an artificial green wall. Plus, the plants used in the wall look so realistic that you can take the credit for beautiful foliage without anyone ever knowing the difference.

Choose fire rated artificial green walls for all your indoor or outdoor plant needs…


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