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Vertical Garden Design Transforms Your Living Space

Indoor Vertical Garden Design at Home – Why You Need a Vertical Wall Garden to Add Colour and Texture to Your Living Space

In many parts of the world, summer may be on the edge of becoming a distant memory, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have that zesty, summer feel inside or around your home. A vertical garden can really make your living room reverberate with positive vibes and add texture through artificial greenery.

What is an Artificial Vertical Garden?

A Green vertical wall or garden vertical wall is a vertical structure which houses different varieties of plants or flowers, or both.

Thanks to a population that’s quickly becoming environmentally aware, interior plant vertical gardens are gaining popularity. Artificial plants, foliage and greenery are a prized solution for designers, interior landscapers and those looking to give their homes a green and serene vibe.

Artificial greenery walls require no drainage or irrigation at all and occupy a lot less space edging outward from the wall, which can save interior floor space costs. They are typically mounted onto light and nimble steel frames and easily transported in panels and sections. Planting is done in a way that meets every designer’s or customer’s specification, providing just the right mix of colours, shapes and patters.

Vertical wall gardens are the latest thing nowadays – do not be surprised to see more homes and offices ditching sprawling conventional gardens in favour of a green vertical wall.

Go with a vertical garden system and you do not even need a very large outdoor or indoor space to put your personally chosen handiwork on display.

Still Not Convinced?

Here is how a vertical wall garden can really breathe new life and vigour into your indoor or outdoor living space:

Protect Your Home’s Exterior

An outdoor vertical garden designer can help shield your living space by fighting off harsh weather and ultraviolet rays. This can especially be helpful if you have rainy weather almost half the year. A green vertical wall will protect your home’s paint-job and finish in the long run and eliminate the need for frequent maintenance. Make sure your vertical garden design is UV rated according to UK industry standards, ISO 9001 certified and comes with a 3 year guarantee.

Speaking of outdoor vertical gardens, place one outside your window and you are not only getting privacy from curious passers-by but also complementing the beautiful, lush greenery in your front yard. Plant your vertical garden on a support structure surrounding objects such as an outdoor heater tank or electric meter to protect it from unnecessary wear and tear. Or, add one to your gate to enjoy even more privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Redesign and Give That Bland Wall Some Substance and Character

Don’t have a fancy painting to put up on that big bland wall that stands out awkwardly in the living room? Frame and hang your favourite indoor vertical garden on the wall, sit back and enjoy as the guests can’t stop talking about how ravishing it looks

You might be looking at a small patio surrounded by high walls. This certainly feels limiting if the surrounding walls are somewhat dull and drab, doesn’t it? Add an outdoor vertical garden and admire rows of plants stretching out to not only hide the bland looking wall but also create a focal point.

Give Your Outdoor Space a More Expansive Feel

Plants have the tendency to blur boundaries running alongside fence lines, giving you a generously open feeling in a walled garden. Why not add potted plants greenery in the form of large planters and a vertical garden design to create several layers of greenery in your yard?

Vertical Gardens can be Your Gateway to the Outdoors

Sometimes, getting yourself to break away from an indoors routine can be tough, especially if you’re used to working from home. A vibrant and inviting vertical green garden that’s clearly visible from your living room window can be a wonderful and illustrious way to make the indoor to outdoor transition. Just one look at the lush foliage beaming in the sunlight, can be enough to take that morning cup of coffee with you out under the open sky.

Have a Little Taste of the Outside Indoors as You Relax

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own green indoor sanctuary? An interior plant vertical garden can serve as a lush, attractive-looking wall in your bathroom, right next to the bath tub. You won’t have to worry about humid conditions ruining the texture on the artificial greenery as you create a mild, almost spa-like atmosphere for relaxing in the tub.

In fact, give into a little escapism by designating a room in your home that only has vertical gardens on all four walls. No technology, no noise or outside disturbances. As it turns out, "escapism” has become quite the trend in 2017 according to design experts. So go ahead and enjoy your yoga and therapy sessions in this room, taking in the calm atmosphere as every nerve in your body relaxes and unwinds.

No Pests, No Worries, Just Lush Greenery

The thing about artificial vertical gardens is that they require virtually no maintenance. You don’t have to worry about exposing them to UV light or watering them from time to time. They maintain the same vibrant colour year in and year out. So if you happen to suffer from arthritis or any condition that prevents you from performing laborious work, here is another added bonus.

Perhaps the best part about installing a vertical garden London is that you get the benefits of a living green vertical wall but none of the drawbacks or annoyances that come with it such as bugs or other garden pests. An actual vertical garden system is practically like one big beach party for insects, birds and a number of outdoor and indoor "crawlies”. You certainly don’t want to deal with that when the entire family is over for Thanksgiving dinner. What’s more, you also get to keep the air in your indoor space allergen free.

Enjoy Unique Aesthetics and Other Health Benefits

Artificial greenery does not only add zeal and highly personalized aesthetic appeal to your living space but also offer certain health benefits. For one, seeing even a hint of nature right after you wake up can have very positive and relaxing psychological effects on your well-being. Many studies have attested to the fact that people who are regularly in touch with nature generally feel better and at ease throughout the day as opposed to people who are cooped up in a cubicle all day with nothing but a blank wall keeping them company.

Final Thoughts

Artificial greenery is a decorative art form and becoming very popular with interior designers. They offer a multitude of benefits to improve your living conditions and boast the beauty of a living vertical garden, while you have absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of care and maintenance. All you need to do is wipe off your vertical wall garden with a soft, clean cloth from time to time, to keep them looking new.

Hide any unsightly objects around your home or office such as propane tanks, hydro meters, air conditioner units, anything that does not appeal to the sights and senses. Perhaps this is why you see beautiful patterns of artificial greenery around offices, typically hospitals, to liven up the mood of those visiting.

Give your property that attractive curb appeal by having a gorgeous, natural-looking vine bordering around your property’s key structures. Since there is no maintenance involved, you have even more time to enjoy the sights and sounds inside and around your home.

Artificial greenery can always be designed to meet your specific needs as well as space limitations. Have them custom build according to your interior or exterior décor, and your own personal preferences.

You should always invest your time and energy in a highly skilled and experienced horticultural designer who understand the intricacies involved in installing artificial vertical walls. Let Vistafolia artificial plant creations be your product of choice.


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